Records Destruction

  • Records Disposition Authorities (RDAs) provide the legal authority for local government agencies to destroy obsolete temporary records.
  • Reporting records destruction to the Local Government Records Commission is required by law (Code of Alabama 1975 § 41-13-23).
  • Local government agencies should submit a Local Government Records Destruction Notice to the Alabama Department of Archives and History (ADAH) prior to destroying records, regardless of format (e.g., electronic or paper). Health care authorities and public hospitals should submit an annual report documenting destruction.
  • ADAH maintains destruction notices permanently in case there is ever a question (e.g., during audit or litigation) as to whether records were legally destroyed.

How to Submit a Destruction Notice

For information on how to fill out your Local Government Records Destruction Notice, check out the Local Records Destruction section on For the Record, the ADAH Records Management Section’s resource page.

Email the completed notice to Becky Hebert ( or Devon Henschel (

For Health Care Authorities and Public Hospitals

Health Care Authorities and Public Hospitals report destruction by submitting an Annual Report form.

Report Due Date: The FY 2023 Annual Report form will be due on May 31, 2024.

Preview of Report Form