Old-Fashioned Summer

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This is a summer program offered in May-August

Age range: Pre-K -7th         Student limit: 60

Theme: Children in rural Alabama experienced both chore responsibilities and freedom during a typical summer day in historical Alabama.
Objective: Children will learn about what a typical summer day was like for a child in rural Alabama in the first half of the twentieth century through an interactive story and hands-on outside old-fashioned games. 

Method: 2 part program; 25 minutes each section.

  • Interactive story using hands-on artifact props
  • Old-fashioned games (children will rotate between 4-5 games on front lawn weather permitting.)

Addresses Alabama Course of Study:
Social Studies Standards, 2004

# 2.  Compare families of today with families of the past in relation to work, home, and school.

First grade:
# 1.  Identify past and present forms of communication, apparel, technology, and recreation.

Second grade:
# 1.  Compare features of modern-day living to those of the past.

# 2.  Identify past and present contributions of a variety of individuals who have overcome difficulties or obstacles to achieve goals.