Hands-on Time

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Age range: K-2nd         Student limit: 30 with teacher supervision and leadership required

Theme: Unstructured explore time allows discovery of Alabama history through hands-on experiences and activities.

Objective: Students will discover Alabama history and compare today’s modern living with the past by hands-on exploration with artifacts, props, and history related activities in the Hands-on Gallery.

Method: 3 part program (10 min, 20 min, 20 min)

  • Interpretive talk about collecting and artifact “Then and Now” (10 min)
  • Explore Grandma’s Attic and quilt station (20 min)
  • Explore Discovery Boxes, History at Home activities, Artifact Touch Cart (20 min)

Addresses Alabama Course of Study:
Social Studies Standards, 2004


# 2.  Compare families of today with families of the past in relation to work, home, and school.


First grade:
# 1.  Identify past and present forms of communication, apparel, technology, and recreation.
# 2.  Describe how primary sources serve as historical records of families and communities.


Second grade:

# 1.  Compare features of modern-day living to those of the past.


List of Discovery Boxes                          Current History at Home