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Tours are structured according to grade level of students. Groupings are for grades 4-6 and 7-12.

Civil War Soldier Tour (4-6 and 7-12)

  • The foremost goal of the "Civil War Soldier" tour is to create a vivid image of the life of a typical Alabama soldier. Docents discuss what the soldier did ( i.e., marching, drilling, fighting), where he lived, what he ate, how he spent his free time and other aspects of daily life. The tour includes a hands-on discussion period in the auditorium and an opportunity to view Civil War artifacts in the museum galleries.
  • Unavoidable in achieving the first goal is a revelation of the difficulties of being a soldier during the Civil War. Students come to understand the contrast between nineteenth and twentieth century medicine, sanitary conditions, food, water supplies and means of transportation as they learn the hardships experienced by the Civil War soldier.
  • The Civil War soldier tour also promotes a sense of perspective in relation to historical events and changing lifestyles and values.
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