Lesson 2: Document 8 Transcript

		Birmingham, Alabama.
			Jan. 3rd 1916
Hon. J. H. Bankhead
	Washington, D.C.
My Dear Sir,
	As your constituents, we de-
sire to protest against this pro-
gram of preparedness which
the jingoes and newspapers
are urging upon Congress
(p. 2)
which threatens this country.
	The whole business is in op-
position to the precepts and
practices of this nation, and
is most disgustingly undem-
ocratic.  As the duly elec-
ted representative of a democrat-
ic people, we expect you to 
stand firm and true to the
colors to which you are pledged.
		Very truly yours,
		Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Barnes
		1318 No. 26th Street

Mr. & Mrs. C. J. Barnes, Birmingham, Alabama, to Hon. John H. Bankhead, Washington, D.C., 3 January 1916, John H. Bankhead Papers, LPR 49, Container 30, Folder 8, Alabama Department of Archives & History, Montgomery, Alabama.