Lesson 2: Document 6 Transcript

				Jan. 10th 16
Hon. John H. Bankhead U.S.S.
	Washington, D.C.

My Dear Senator
	I regret very much the strife
in the Senate in regards to causes of the
great war in Europe.  But you know if it 
was not for the Great English Navy our
farmers would not be getting 5 cents for their
cotton our mills and factories would be closed 
and this would mean empty dinner pails
If we desire success (and I know you do) for
our party and our great President Woodrow
Wilson we have got to keep the dinner pail
full.  So use your influence to keep peace
in the family and for God's sake keep out 
of this war.  I also desire you to see that we 
get at least 250 thousand copies of the report
of the Industrial Commissions printed
(p. 2)
I believe this will do more toward electing
our Grand and great President than anything
we can do.  Except keeping out of this bloody
War.  Take Hon. Hoke Smith around the 
corner and ask him how much cotton we
would sell if England did not control the
sea.  And who is putting Gold by the Billion
into our country for Gods sake dont let them
kill our prosperity in this our election year
Hon. Tom Heflin and Hoke Smith ought to go
fishing for the summer with kindest
regards and best wishes I am very truly yours
			R. A. Statham

R. A. Statham, Lehigh, Alabama, to Hon. John H. Bankhead, Washington, D.C., 10 January 1916, John H. Bankhead Papers, LPR 49, Container 30, Folder 8, Alabama Department of Archives & History, Montgomery, Alabama.