Lesson 2: Document 4 Transcript

				Jan. 25, 1916

Hon. John Bankhead Washington, D.C.

My Dear Sir please
do all in your
power to keep our
Country out of war
Vote for the bills
to stop Americans
from traveling on
beligerent vesels
and will you please
vote against the building
of there 12 & 15 milion
dollar war ships
as floating pallaces
the submarines 
(p. 2)
are the ones that
we need and our
cities and coast
towns well mined
and fortified we
dont want our
Country to patern
after European
nations in the
milatary line if
you love our beautiful
south land and our
nation as you should
you will do all
in your power to 
prevent war the
Common people of
our land realize
that a great crisis is
(p. 3)
upon us
and it depends
upon our representi-
ves in Congress
to do their wise
and patriotic
duty that they 
owe their country
at this critical
time your vote
may prove a
blessing or a curse
to the presant
generation and
those that shall
live after us may
God direct you and
all of you to vote
for the good and
moral uplift of
our nation
(p. 4)
We certainly are deeply
grateful to our
President and represen-
itives in keeping our
Country out of this
horrible war we cant
help but believe that
our President has been 
mislead in this
Preparedness Policy you
live in the south
Pictur to yourself
the poverty crime
and suffering that 
war would bring on
your native land
we would like
for you to vote
for the Rural Credit
(p. 5)
Bill we send a 
printed page out of
the Progressive Farmer
we would like for 
you to show this
letter to your
Coleague and any
member of Congress
you wish to 
Wishing you a
happy and prosperous
New year yours
most truly-
	J.F. Peete
	James Owens
	Willie Williams

B. B. Peete and others, Madison, Alabama, to Hon. John H. Bankhead, Washington, D.C., 25 January 1916, John H. Bankhead Papers, LPR 49, Container 30, Folder 8, Alabama Department of Archives & History, Montgomery, Alabama.