Transcript (LPR 35, Box 1, Folder 2)

State of Alabama}	This contract made this the
Wilcox County   }day of 		1868 between James
A. Tait & Thomas Hill (Freedman) with respect(?)
That the said Tait agrees to let Thom Hill have a certain
piece of land known as the "Morriss Ridge," for the year 1868
upon which (Ridge) he ^Hill is permitted to clear land & build
houses, without expense to said Tait excepting nails & flooring
The said Tait agrees to let him work the lands east
of his residence known as "Dry Fork," & to give said Tait for
rent thereof one fourth of all produce raised on said lands.
The aforesaid Tait is to be at no expense in feeding his (Hill's) 
family or any stock required in making said crop—