Letter: D. E. Gaines, Evergreen, Alabama

R. 1.			Evergreen Ala.,
			Aug. 27. 1932.
Mr. John H. Peach.
	Montgomery Ala
Dear Sir:
	As I have been a 
public  worker for 27 yr
was employed by the 
Alger Sulivan Lbr. Co.
Century, Fla, for 15 yr and
8 mo. Was cut off
Feb. 10, 1932 and have
had every sense
I have had a 
family heavy Dr. bills
and drug bills
also nurse bills.
and to-day we are
in need.
I bought a small
farm on install-
ment plans. and
the heavy rain and
boll weevil have 
ruined the cotton crop
and at the main
time I had let the 
farm out. Expecting
to hold my position
and there is fertetizer
notes on crop to the 
seed loan. and
papers on the place 
to the Federal Land
bank. of New Orleans
La., and this crop
will nothing like
pay this indebtness.

We are not able to 
send our children 
to school. and we
havent got a dime 
to buy any thing.
Cant clothe our
children or buy 
there books.
If there is any 
way we can get
help through any
source or employment
would surely
be appreciated-
     Yours truly
	D. E. Gaines
our oldest child is
a cripple 11 yr. old.
We have to carry him
to school.