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I/we request permission to: ___ quote from      ___ cite from      ___ publish
materials from the collections of the Alabama Department of Archives and History listed below.


  1. In giving permission to quote from, cite from, or publish, the Alabama Department of Archives and History does not surrender its own right to publish such material or to grant permission to others to do so.
  2. Permission is granted for one-time only. The materials may not be reused without the written permission of the Department.
  3. The Department does not claim to control all rights of reproduction for all materials in its collections. The publishing party assumes all responsibility for clearing reproduction rights and for significant infringement of the U.S. Copyright Code.
  4. The researcher assumes full responsibility for the use of material obtained from the Department and conformity to the laws of defamation and privacy, and holds harmless the Alabama Department of Archives and History from any claims arising as a result of his or her use of the material.
  5. In the event that the donor(s) have retained literary rights to their materials, the researcher must obtain permission from them before publication of any such material.
  6. If permission to publish is granted, the publisher agrees to send the Department a copy of the publication containing the materials listed below.
  7. Credit Line: Alabama Department of Archives and History, Montgomery, Alabama.

MATERIALS USED: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________



I/we agree to the conditions specified above.

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