ADAH Microfilm Orders Purchasing Procedures - for patrons

1. A Microfilm Duplication Order Form must accompany each order. Ensure that the ADAH is authorized to produce a copy of the microfilm by checking the “Duplication” column on the search results page. If the “Duplication” column contains a “y,” the ADAH can provide copies to patrons.


Each entry on the order form must list:
the “M” or “S” order number (as listed in the last column of the local records or newspaper microfilm database search results page), the title of the newspaper or local records requested, and the dates of the newspaper or local records requested.

If these items are not listed on the order form, your duplication request will be delayed.


2. Each order form must list your street address and a telephone number.
This information is most important to ensure that we can address any delivery issues. Your microfilm order will be sent to you directly from our duplication vendor. Our vendor uses UPS for delivery and UPS will only deliver to street addresses.


3. Cost per roll of microfilm is $40.00 per reel.


4. Cost per roll of microfilm is $25.00 per roll for:
Alabama public libraries - as listed on this page
Alabama publicly funded county or municipal archives as listed on this page
Other Alabama public entities such as public university or college libraries
Alabama Probate Offices


These institutions must use this microfilm order form.


5. Any order over $500 from schools, libraries, or other businesses should be accompanied by a PO (purchase order) made out to “ADAH.”


6. Special notes:
Microfilm that is difficult to read: Some of the microfilm owned by the Department of Archives and History was created in the 1970s or early 1980s prior to the widespread use of microfilm quality standards. Please ask the the ADAH staff about the film quality before placing your order. Microfilm of governors’ records, private manuscripts, 19th century handwritten documents, or other materials that are difficult to read from diazo microfilm: These types of records are more difficult to read from a diazo copy of the microfilm. You might consider purchasing a silver copy of this microfilm.