Thirty-Second Alabama
Infantry Regiment

This regiment was organized at Mobile, in April 1862, and three months later proceeded to Tennessee. It was first under fire at Bridgeport, where it forded the Tennessee in the face of the enemy. Shortly after, the regiment captured Stevenson, with valuable stores. It operated in the middle of Tennessee, part of the time under Gen. Forrest, and was surprised and overpowered at Lavergne, losing a number of prisoners. Placed in Gen. D.W. Adams' brigade, the Thirty-second fought with severe loss at Murfreesboro. Having wintered at Tullahoma, the regiment was part of the force sent to Mississippi to the relief of Vicksburg. It was in the trenches at Jackson, and, without loss, repulsed an assault in the enemy, 260 of whose dead were counted and buried in front of its position. Two or three months later, the Thirty-second rejoined the Army of Tennessee, and participated in the battle of Chicamauga with small loss. It was then transferred from Adams' brigade to that of Gen. Clayton of Barbour, and consolidated with the Fifty-eighth Alabama, where its further record will be found.

Field and Staff

Colonel - Alexander McKinstry of Mobile; relieved.

Lieut. Colonel - Harry Maury of Mobile; captured at Lavergne; wounded at Murfreesboro and Jackson; transferred.

Majors - Thos. P. Ashe of Washington; resigned. Thos. S. Easton of Mobile; resigned. John C. Kimball of Clarke; relieved.

Adjutant - John L. Chandler of Mobile; relieved.

Captains, and Counties from Which the Companies Came.

Washington - R.L. Bowling; wounded at Murfreesboro; relieved.

Mobile - John Drew; resigned. Charles H. Garner; resigned. Hinson H. Smith; resigned. H. McF. Tatum; died in the service.

Mobile and Baldwin - Thos. S. Easton; promoted. Benj. H. Smoot; relieved.

Wilcox and Clarke - John Creagh; resigned. George W. Cox; wounded at New Hope.

Clarke - Alexander Kilpatrick; resigned.

Mobile, Washington, and Chocta - H.S. Smith; resigned. Thomas S. Fry; wounded near Dalton; transferred.

Clarke and Washington - J.C. Kimball; promoted. S.T. Taylor.

Clarke - John W. Bell; died in the service.

Mobile, Tuskaloosa, and Fayette - Walter Thompson; detached.

Mobile - J. McF. Cleveland; resigned. W.B. Grist.
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