First Alabama
Cavalry Regiment

This regiment was organized at Montgomery, in November 1861. Ordered to Tennessee soon after, the regiment was engaged at the battle of Shiloh with light loss. It fought at Boonville, suffering severely, and at Blackland with few casualties. The regiment moved into Kentucky with the army, as part of Wheeler's command; was engaged at Perryville, and skirmished for several weeks subsequently. When the army reached middle Tennessee, the first was occupied in a series of skirmishes, and lost considerably at Murfreesboro. It guarded the flanks and front of the army, and protected the rear on the retreat to Tullahoma and Chattanoogga, losing severely at Duck River. The regiment fought at Chicamauga with light loss, and moved into east Tennessee with Longstreet, fighting at Clinton, Knoxville, Mossy Creek, &c., with some loss in each. It was part of the force on the Sequatchee raid, fought at Dandridge, and operated on and harassed the enemy's front and flank during the Dalton-Atlanta campaign. The First was in the brilliant fight at Decatur, with severe loss, and took part in the capture of Gen. Stoneman's column. Moving to the Tennessee, the regiment faced about and pursued Sherman. It was in the fight at Waynesboro, and lost a number at Fiddler's Pond. In the attack on Kilpatrick, and the collisions at Averysboro and Bentonville, the First participated. Near Raleigh, a few days before the surrender, the regiment drove the enemy. It surrendered as part of Hogan's brigade, Allen's division at Salisbury, N. C., about 150 strong.

Field and Staff

Colonels - James H. Clanton of Montgomery; promoted. Wm. W. Allen of Montgomery; wounded at Murfreesboro; promoted. David T. Blakey of Montgomery; wounded at Dandridge.

Lieut. Colonels - M. W. Hannon of Montgomery; resigned. W. W. Allen; promoted. Thomas Brown of Montgomery; killed at Woodsonville, Ky. D. T. Blakey; promoted. Augustus H. Johnson of Montgomery.

Majors - W. W. Allen; promoted. Thomas Brown; promoted. D. T. Blakey; promoted. A. H. Johnson; promoted. Vincent M. Elmore of Montgomery.

Adjutants - James H. Judkins, Jr. of Montgomery; resigned. E. D. Ledyard of Montgomery; transferred. Wesley Jones of Montgomery; killed at Fiddler's Pond. B. L. Wyman of Montgomery.

Captains, and Counties from Which the Companies Came.

Autauga -- Thos. Brown; promoted. W. T. Lary; wounded at Middleton, Tenn; resigned. John A. Whiting; captured near Nashville.

Montgomery -- J. F. Gaines; resigned. W. G. Campbell; resigned.

Morgan -- J. W. Harper; resigned. Josiah Patterson; (company detached).

Tallapoosa -- John G. Stokes; resigned. Jesse Fitzpatrick; resigned. Henry Washburn.

Calhoun -- D. T. Blakey; promoted. Warren S. Reese; transferred. J. Monroe Anderson.

Pike, Dale, Coffee -- A. H. Johnson; promoted. George P. Fuhrman; captured at Middleton.

Autauga and Montgomery -- Joseph Hodgson; resigned. George Speed; killed at Noonday Creek.

Monroe and Butler -- Orlando H. Abney; resigned. Jas. Hightower; resigned. V. M. Elmore; promoted. Bolling Kavanaugh.

Pike and Butler -- C. H. Colvin; resigned. Sydney E. Allen; killed at Murfreesboro. Robert Allen; wounded.

Montgomery -- Britton C. Tarver; resigned.
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