Alabama Department of Archives and History
March, 1997

1. Name of agency (division/department) ______________________________

2. Name/title of person completing survey _____________________________

3. Are any of your agency's records currently being microfilmed? ___yes ___ no

4. So far as you know, were any records previously microfilmed? ___yes ___no
If so, do you hold copies of that Microfilm? ___yes ___no

5. What types of agency records are microfilmed?________________________________

6. Do these records have approved disposition authorities or schedules? ___yes ___no

7. Are original paper records destroyed after filming? ___yes ___no

8. Which film format(s) do you use? ___roll film ___cartridges ___microfiche ___jackets ___aperture cards

9. Do you, or does your vendor, use targets to identify the agency and the records filmed?

10. Who processes your microfilm? ___your agency ___another agency (name) ____________________ commercial vendor (name) _____________________________

11. After processing, does your agency check the film for completeness/accuracy of records filmed? legibility? chemical residue on film?

12. Where are your microfilm masters stored? your agency another agency __________________ commercial vendor ___________________________

13. So far as you know, does this storage area meet archival standards? ___yes ___no

14. If your agency does not now microfilm records, would you consider doing so? ___yes ___no

15. Does your agency need assistance from ADAH in the area of micrographics? ___yes ___no
If so, please provide the name/telephone number of a contact person ________________________

________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

Please return this form to the Government Records Division,
Alabama Department of Archives and History,
P.O. Box 300100, Montgomery, AL 36130-0100.
FAX: (334)240-3433.

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Revised: 3/25/97