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Ala. State Records Commission





Creation and Authority
The State Records Commission was created and authorized by state law in 1955. See Code of Alabama 1975, Section 41-13-21; Section 41-13-25.


The State Records Commission consists of nine members, six of them are ex officio and the other three are appointed. The ex officio members are the:


The appointed members :

  • One member from the University of Alabama (designated by the head of the Dept. of History)

  • One member from Auburn University (designated by the head of the Dept. of History)
  • One member from one of Alabama's Historically Black Colleges and Universities (appointed by the Governor)



The State Records Commission is charged with the following responsibilities:


State and local officials -- for records management assistance call (334) 242-4452 or email us at records@archives.state.al.us.


For genealogical or historical research

Updated: April 11, 2017