The Government Records Division produced the following technical, procedural and conservation leaflets as a service to state and local government agencies.

General State Government Local Government
Records Storage Micrographics Electronic Records




Guidelines for Taking and Preserving Formal Meeting Minutes (PDF) -- October 2009

Making a Case for a Records Management Program (PDF) -- July 2003

Providing Access to Government Records - July 2002

Guidelines for Managing E-Mail - April 2001

Legal Admissibility of Public Records - Jan. 2004

Public Officials: Your Records Responsibilities and the Law - Jan. 2004


State Government

Procedure for Implementing a Government Records Deposit Agreement -- May 2009

Managing State Records in Alabama - May 2002

Developing an Agency Records Disposition Authority - January 1998

Transferring Archival Records to the Department of Archives and History - April 2000

Transferring Temporary Records to the State Records Center - Dec. 1996


Local Government

Procedures for Implementing a Local Government Records Deposit Agreement -- April 2003 (PDF)

Managing Local Records in Alabama

Saving Alabama's Public Records

Procedures for Loose Records Preparation by County Project Volunteers-- January 2012

Records Destruction Procedures of Alabama Local Governments - April 2013


Records Storage

Records Storage Centers: Construction, Environment, Containers, Shelving and Security  



Getting Started with Microfilm - January 2002

Preparing a Contract for Archival-Quality Microfilming Services - July 2004


Electronic Records


File Naming Conventions

Social Media Tips

Email--Frequently Asked Questions

Guidelines for Maintaining Permanent or Long-Term Records on Digital Imaging Systems (PDF) -- January 2006



Cleaning and Preserving Books

Responding to Mold/Mildew Outbreak -- March 2003

Care and Handling of Photographs -- September 2002

Humidification and Flattening of Rolled or Folded Documents - March 2002

Surface Cleaning Documents and Book Pages - March 2002

Removal of Fasteners from Documents - March 2002

TheĀ DangersĀ of Heat-Seal Lamination - February 2002