Transfer Permanent Records


Transfer Permanent State Records to the ADAH:

  • Consult your state agency’s RDA (Records Disposition Authority) for retention requirements

    • Permanent Records List – the agency RDA will contain a permanent records list

    • Once permanent records are no longer active in your agency, they should be transferred to the Archives

  • See procedures on transfer to the Archives

    • Contact the State Records Center at 334-277-9898 or John.Durden@archives.alabama.gov to let them know how many boxes you will need and to arrange for pickup of large transfers

  • Search the ADAH catalog to determine what permanent records your agency has already transferred to the Archives

  • Agencies and the public will be able to access non-confidential permanent records through the reference room at the Archives

The Code of Alabama 1975, 41-13-21 charges the State Records Commission with the responsibility of determining which state records shall be preserved permanently because of historical value. As the support staff for the SRC, staff members in Appraisal help classify records in the appraisal process through researching the agency’s history, functions, and record practices; examining the agency’s records and assessing their value; grouping records by function and subfunctions and determining the appropriate disposition guidelines for the records; and submitting the draft Records Disposition Authority with the permanent records list to the State Records Commission for review and approval. Preservation of the historical documentation of Alabama government is one of the main functions of Alabama government.