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The pecan is a thin-shelled nut found all over the United States, but primarily in the Southern States. It comes from the pecan tree, which is grown all over Alabama. Pecans are good sources of vitamin B-6 and are used in many southern recipes such as pralines and pecan pie.


Pecans have been grown in Alabama since the early 1900s. Mobile and Baldwin Counties grow the most pecans. Alabama normally produces 13-15 million pounds of pecans each year. There are many different varieties of pecans.


In 1982, the state legislature made the pecan the Alabama State Nut, due to the efforts of the Alabama Pecan Growers Association. The act says this about the pecan: "The redolent and ambrosial aroma of roasting pecans involuntarily causes one's papillae and lachrymal glands to salivate." In other words, roasting pecans smell so good that it makes your mouth water!


For more information: www.alabamapecangrowers.com



Act 82-17, Acts of Alabama, February 2, 1982


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Updated: January 22, 2010