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Official Alabama Championship Horse Show



2009 winner at Alabama Official Horseshow


The AOHA Alabama State Championship Horse Show became the official state championship horse show in May of 1988. The idea for a statewide horse show was the dream of a man named Don Witt. The first horse show was held in W. O. Crawford Arena in Montgomery in September 1988 with 994 entries over a two-day period. By 2002 the show had grown to three days with over 2,000 entries. It is usually held at Garrett Coliseum in Montgomery over Labor Day weekend and is the second largest horse show east of the Mississippi River. Winners receive awards such as belt buckles, trophy saddles, and plaques. The horse show is sponsored by the Alabama Open Horseman Association, which was first organized in 1989 by Don Witt.


For more information see: http://www.showaoha.org



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Letter from Mark Jarvis, Secretary, AOHA, 4 August 2003

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Updated: March 27, 2007