State of Alabama

Legal Holidays



Based on Section 1-3-8 of the Code of Alabama, 1975, as amended by Act 91-250


Holiday Always Falls on... Date in 2014
New Year's Day


January 1


January 1


Birthdays of Robert E. Lee/Martin Luther King Jr.
3rd Monday in January


January 20


Mardi Gras Day*


Tues. before Ash Wednesday



March 4


Birthdays of George Washington/Thomas Jefferson

3rd Monday in February


February 17


Confederate Memorial Day


4th Monday in April


April 28


National Memorial Day


last Monday in May


May 26


Birthday of Jefferson Davis


1st Monday in June


June 2


Independence Day


July 4


July 4


Labor Day


1st Monday in September


September 1


Columbus Day/Fraternal Day/American Indian Heritage Day
2nd Monday in October
October 13


Veterans Day


November 11


November 11




4th Thursday in November


November 27


Christmas Day


December 25


December 25


* Mardi Gras is observed in Baldwin and Mobile Counties only. All other state employees are granted a personal leave day on January 1 which may be taken anytime during the year.




Updated: February 6, 2014