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January 19, 1830










January 19, 1818















January 20, 1702





LaGrange Military Academy in Franklin County, Alabama.

This Week in Alabama History

January 18 - 24




Featured Event:

LaGrange College in Franklin County chartered by legislature; eventually becomes the University of North Alabama. The college actually opened its doors to students on January 11, 1830.



Other Events this Week

The first legislature of the Alabama Territory convenes at the Douglass Hotel in the territorial capital of St. Stephens. Attendance is sparse with twelve members of the House, representing seven counties, and only one member of the Senate conducting the business of the new territory.


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French colonists, led by Jean Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville, establish Fort Louis de la Mobile on a bluff twenty-seven miles up the Mobile River from Mobile Bay. The settlement, soon known simply as "Mobile," moved to its permanent site at the mouth of the Mobile River in 1711. It served as the capital of the colony of Louisiana from its founding to 1718.