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Main Author: Dept. of Archives and History

Title: Public information subject files - Civil War and Reconstruction files
Abolitionists Abolitionists SG011123 001
Afro - Americans Afro - Americans SG011123 002
Afro - Americans Afro - Americans SG011123 003
Afro - Americans Afro - Americans SG011123 004
Afro - Americans Afro - Americans SG011123 005
Alabama Governors SG011123 006
Alabama Officials and Employees SG011123 007
Alabama Officials and Employees SG011123 008
Arms and Equipment Arsenals -- Mt. Vernon SG011123 009
Arms and Equipment Arsenals - Selma SG011123 010
Arms and Equipment Arsenals - Selma SG011123 011
Arms and Equipment Arsenals - Selma SG011123 012
Arms and Equipment Cannons. Artillery and Ammunition SG011124 001
Arms and Equipment Cannons and Artillery - Brooke Guns SG011124 002
Arms and Equipment Cannons and Artillery - "Lady Slocomb" SG011124 003
Arms and Equipment Circulars and Proclamations SG011124 004
Arms and Equipment Furnaces and Rolling Mills SG011124 005
Arms and Equipment Manufacturing SG011124 006
Arms and Equipment Manufacturing in Tallassee SG011124 007
Arms and Equipment Procurement SG011124 008
Arms and Equipment Rifles and Muskets SG011124 009
Arms and Equipment Small Arms (inc. Pistols, Sabres and Pikes) SG011124 010
Army (General infomation) SG011124 011
Army (General infomation) SG011124 012
Army Alabama Generals and Aide-de-Camps SG011124 013
Army Alabama Troops - Local Designations SG011125 001
Army Appointments by Gov. Moore - 1861 SG011125 002
Army Balloon Service SG011125 003
Army Provost Marshalls SG011125 004
Army Recruitment SG011125 005
Army Secret Service SG011125 006
Bibliography Alabama in the War SG011125 007
Biography ADAH Correspondence SG011125 008
Biography Adams - Bunting SG011125 009
Biography Cleburne - Griffen SG011125 010
Biography Hannon - Kelly SG011125 011
Biography Law - Nott SG011125 012
Biography O'Neal - Tracy SG011125 013
Biography Webb - Wood SG011125 014
Biography Allen. William W. SG011125 015
Biography Beauregard SG011125 016
Biography Bellinger, Sarah Hails SG011125 017
Biography Benjamin, Judah P. SG011125 018
Biography Bibb, Sophia Gilmer SG011125 019
Biography Bragg, Braxton SG011126 001
Biography Cantey, James W. SG011126 002
Biography Clanton, James Holt. SG011126 003
Biography Clay, Clement C. SG011126 004
Biography Clayton, Henry D. SG011126 005
Biography Cobb. W.R.W. SG011126 006
Biography Crozier, Calvin Shepherd SG011126 007
Biography Davis, Jefferson: Death and Funeral SG011126 008
Biography Davis, Jefferson: Inauguration and War Years SG011126 009
Biography Davis, Jefferson: Pre-War Years SG011126 010
Biography Davis, Jefferson: Post-War Years SG011126 011
Biography Davis, Jefferson: Post-War Years SG011126 012
Biography Davis, Mrs. Jefferson (Varina) and children SG011126 013
Biography Forrest, Nathan B. SG011126 014
Biography Fowler, William H. SG011126 015
Biography Giles, S. H. SG011126 016
Biography Gordon, John SG011127 001
Biography Gracie, Archibald SG011127 002
Biography Hardee, William J. SG011127 003
Biography Herbert, Hilary SG011127 004
Biography Hilliard. H. W. SG011127 005
Biography Hooper, Johnson J. SG011127 006
Biography Jackson, Thomas J. (Stonewall) SG011127 007
Biography Johnston, Joseph E. SG011127 008
Biography Jones, Catesby ap Roger SG011127 009
Biography Lee, George Washington Custis SG011127 010
Biography Lee, Robert E. SG011127 011
Biography Lee, Robert E. SG011127 012
Biography Lee, Robert E. SG011127 013
Biography Lee, Robert E. SG011127 014
Biography Lee, Robert E. SG011128 001
Biography Lee, Robert E. Family SG011128 002
Biography Lee, Robert 100th Birthday SG011128 003
Biography Lincoln, A. SG011128 004
Biography List of UDC Biographies SG011128 005
Biography Lomax, Tennent SG011128 006
Biography Longstreet, James SG011128 007
Biography Mallory, Stephen R. SG011128 008
Biography Miler, Dr. Nathan Hobbs SG011128 009
Biography Miscellaneous U. S. Generals SG011128 010
Biography Moore, Gov A. B. SG011128 011
Biography Morgan, John Hunt SG011128 012
Biography Morgan, John Tyler SG011128 013
Biography Mosby, John S. SG011128 014
Biography Pelham, Maj. John SG011128 015
Biography Phelan, Watkins and Ellis SG011128 016
Biography Pettus, Edmond Winston SG011128 017
Biography Polk, Leonidas SG011128 018
Biography Sansom, Emma SG011128 019
Biography Semmes, Raphael SG011128 020
Biography Semmes, Mrs. Raphael SG011128 021
Biography Stephens, Alexander H. SG011129 001
Biography Stuart, J. E. B. SG011129 002
Biography Surratt, Mary E. SG011129 003
Biography Underhill, E. M. SG011129 004
Biography Vallandigham, Charles S. SG011129 005
Biography Walker, LeRoy Pope SG011129 006
Biography War leaders after the war SG011129 007
Biography Watts, Thomas Hill SG011129 008
Biography Wheeler, Gen Joseph SG011129 009
Biography Wilcox, Cadmus Marcellous SG011129 010
Biography Wirz, Capt. Henry SG011129 011
Biography Woolsey, Col. Benjamin M. SG011129 012
Biography Wyeth, Dr. John Allen SG011129 013
Biography Yancey, William L. SG011129 014
Biography Youngblood, William SG011129 015
Books ADAH Correspondence SG011129 016
Books "Alabama in the War", Owen (Notes) SG011129 017
Books Confederate Book Catalogs and Bibliographies SG011129 018
Books CSA Literature, General SG011129 019
Border States Border States SG011130 001
Buttons, Uniforms, CSA Buttons, Uniforms, CSA SG011130 002
Campaigns, Battles and Raids Antietam Campaign SG011130 003
Campaigns, Battles and Raids Appomattox SG011130 004
Campaigns, Battles and Raids Atlanta, Battle of SG011130 005
Campaigns, Battles and Raids Atlanta, Campaign SG011130 006
Campaigns, Battles and Raids Battles in which Alabama Troops Participated SG011130 007
Campaigns, Battles and Raids Battle of Bull Run, First SG011130 008
Campaigns, Battles and Raids Battle of Bull Run, Second SG011130 009
Campaigns, Battles and Raids Battle of Chancellorsville, VA. SG011130 010
Campaigns, Battles and Raids Battle of Chattanooga and Missionary Ridge SG011130 011
Campaigns, Battles and Raids Battle of Chickamauga SG011130 012
Campaigns, Battles and Raids Chronology: Engagements in Alabama SG011131 001
Campaigns, Battles and Raids Chronology: Engagements in Alabama SG011131 002
Campaigns, Battles and Raids Chronology: Engagements in Alabama SG011131 003
Campaigns, Battles and Raids Corinth, Battle of SG011131 004
Campaigns, Battles and Raids Croxton's Raid - Capture of Tuscaloosa SG011131 005
Campaigns, Battles and Raids Forrest's Raids SG011131 006
Campaigns, Battles and Raids Franklin, Battle of SG011131 007
Campaigns, Battles and Raids Fredericksburg, Battle SG011131 008
Campaigns, Battles and Raids Gettysburg Campaign SG011131 009
Campaigns, Battles and Raids Hood's Tennessee Campaign SG011131 010
Campaigns, Battles and Raids Kentucky Campaign SG011131 011
Campaigns, Battles and Raids Knoxville Campaign SG011131 012
Campaigns, Battles and Raids Miscellaneous Battles SG011131 013
Campaigns, Battles and Raids Miscellaneous Campaigns SG011131 014
Campaigns, Battles and Raids Miscellaneous Raids SG011132 001
Campaigns, Battles and Raids Mobile Bay, Battle of SG011132 002
Campaigns, Battles and Raids Murfreesboro, Battle of SG011132 003
Campaigns, Battles and Raids Nashville, Battle of SG011132 004
Campaigns, Battles and Raids New Market, VA, Battle of SG011132 005
Campaigns, Battles and Raids Petersburg and Crater, Battle of SG011132 006
Campaigns, Battles and Raids Richmond Defense SG011132 007
Campaigns, Battles and Raids Rousseau's Raid SG011132 008
Campaigns, Battles and Raids Selma, Battle of - The Burning of SG011132 009
Campaigns, Battles and Raids Selma, Battle of - Memoirs of Hattie W. Harrell SG011132 010
Campaigns, Battles and Raids Seven Pines, Battle of SG011132 011
Campaigns, Battles and Raids Sherman's March to Sea, Into Carolinas' SG011132 012
Campaigns, Battles and Raids Shiloh, Battle of SG011132 013
Campaigns, Battles and Raids Shiloh, Battle of SG011132 014
Campaigns, Battles and Raids South Carolina Miscellaneous SG011132 015
Campaigns, Battles and Raids Spanish Fort and Blakely, Battle of SG011132 016
Campaigns, Battles and Raids Spotsylvania, Battle of SG011132 017
Campaigns, Battles and Raids Streight's Raid SG011132 018
Campaigns, Battles and Raids Tuscumbia, AL - Various skirmishes SG011132 019
Campaigns, Battles and Raids Vandalisma nd Destruction SG011132 020
Campaigns, Battles and Raids Vicksburg Campaign SG011133 001
Campaigns, Battles and Raids Wheeler's Raids SG011133 002
Campaigns, Battles and Raids The Wilderness, Battle of SG011133 003
Campaigns, Battles and Raids Wilson's Raid SG011133 004
Campaigns, Battles and Raids Wilson's Raid - Battle of Girard SG011133 005
Campaigns, Battles and Raids Wilson's Raid - Occupation of Montgomery SG011133 006
Capitol - Montgomery Capitol - Montgomery SG011133 007
Casualties Burial Place Unknown - Camp Douglas, ILL SG011133 008
Casualties Burial Place Unknown - Miscellaneous SG011133 009
Casualties Deaths - Bowling Green, KY Hospital - 1861 SG011133 010
Casualties Deaths - Orage, VA Hospital - 1861-62 SG011133 011
Casualties Miscellaneous Casualty Lists SG011133 013
Casualties Wounded SG011133 014
Cemeteries Alabama SG011133 015
Cemeteries Alcorn County, Miss SG011133 016
Cemeteries Allegheny County, PA SG011133 017
Cemeteries Alton, ILL SG011133 018
Cemeteries Appomattox, VA SG011133 019
Cemeteries Ardmore, OK SG011133 020
Cemeteries Arkansas - various SG011133 021
Cemeteries Arlington, GA SG011133 022
Cemeteries Arlington, VA SG011133 023
Cemeteries Atlanta, GA SG011133 024
Cemeteries Augusta GA SG011133 025
Cemeteries Baltimore, MD - Loudon Park SG011134 001
Cemeteries Barnesville, GA SG011134 002
Cemeteries Birmingham, AL - Oak Hill SG011134 003
Cemeteries Bristow Station, VA SG011134 004
Cemeteries Brooklyn, NY SG011134 005
Cemeteries Charlottesville, VA SG011134 006
Cemeteries Chattanooga, TN Confederate SG011134 007
Cemeteries Columbus, Miss SG011134 008
Cemeteries Columbus, Ohio - Camp Chase SG011134 009
Cemeteries Columbus, Ohio - Camp Chase SG011134 010
Cemeteries Correspondence SG011134 011
Cemeteries Covington, GA SG011134 012
Cemeteries Cuthbert, GA SG011134 013
Cemeteries Danville Covington and Nicholsville, KY SG011134 014
Cemeteries Elmira, NY SG011134 015
Cemeteries Evansville, Ind SG011134 016
Cemeteries Finn's Point National, N. J. (Ft. Delaware POWs) SG011134 017
Cemeteries Florence, AL SG011135 001
Cemeteries Florida, various - 15th Conf. Cav. (1st Ala. - Fla. Cav.) SG011135 002
Cemeteries Front Royal, VA SG011135 003
Cemeteries Ft. Warren, Mass SG011135 004
Cemeteries Franklin, Tenn - McGavok Cemetary SG011135 005
Cemeteries Frederick, MD SG011135 006
Cemeteries Fredericksburg, VA SG011135 007
Cemeteries Griffen, GA SG011135 008
Cemeteries Hagerstwon, MD SG011135 009
Cemeteries Harrisburg, PA SG011135 010
Cemeteries Harrodsburg, KY SG011135 011
Cemeteries Hastings-On-Hudson, NY SG011135 012
Cemeteries Higginsville, MO - Confederate SG011135 013
Cemeteries Indianapolis, IND - Greenlawn SG011135 014
Cemeteries Jefferson Barracks, MO SG011135 015
Cemeteries Johnson Island, Ohio SG011135 016
Cemeteries Kansas and Colorado SG011135 017
Cemeteries Knoxville, Tenn - Bethel SG011135 018
Cemeteries LaFayette, Ind SG011135 019
Cemeteries LaGrange. GA SG011135 020
Cemeteries Lawrenceville, PA - Allegheny SG011135 021
Cemeteries Lexington,KY SG011135 022
Cemeteries List of Union POW Prisons SG011135 023
Cemeteries Little Rock National, ARK SG011135 024
Cemeteries Louisville, KY (POWs) SG011135 025
Cemeteries Macon, GA - various SG011135 026
Cemeteries Madison, GA - City SG011135 027
Cemeteries Madison, Wis - Forest Hill (Camp Randall POWs) SG011135 028
Cemeteries Marietta, GA SG011136 001
Cemeteries Marine Corps, CSA, Burials SG011136 002
Cemeteries Memphis, Tenn SG011136 003
Cemeteries Middleburg, VA SG011136 004
Cemeteries Miscellaneous SG011136 005
Cemeteries Mobile, AL - Magnolia SG011136 006
Cemeteries Mobile, AL - National SG011136 007
Cemeteries Montgomery, AL - Oakwood SG011136 008
Cemeteries Mound City, ILL SG011136 009
Cemeteries Mountain Creek, AL SG011136 010
Cemeteries Mt. Jackson, VA SG011136 011
Cemeteries Nashville, TN - Mt. Olivet SG011136 012
Cemeteries Newnan, GA SG011136 013
Cemeteries New Orleans, LA SG011136 014
Cemeteries Newport News, VA (Hampton) SG011136 015
Cemeteries Oak Woods, ILL (Camp Douglas, POWs) SG011136 016
Cemeteries Okolona, Miss SG011136 017
Cemeteries Pensacola, FL - Barrancas National SG011136 018
Cemeteries Perote, AL - Bullock County SG011136 019
Cemeteries Petersburg, VA SG011136 020
Cemeteries Philadelphia, PA SG011136 021
Cemeteries Pittsburg, PA SG011136 022
Cemeteries Point Lookout, MD SG011137 001
Cemeteries Raleigh, NC - Oakwood SG011137 002
Cemeteries Resaca, GA SG011137 003
Cemeteries Richmond, VA SG011137 004
Cemeteries Rock Island, ILL SG011137 005
Cemeteries Rome, GA SG011137 006
Cemeteries Savannah, GA SG011137 007
Cemeteries Shelbyville, Tenn SG011137 008
Cemeteries Shepherdstown, W VA SG011137 009
Cemeteries Ship Island, Miss SG011137 010
Cemeteries Spottsylvania, C. H., VA SG011137 011
Cemeteries Springfield, ILL - Camp Butler National SG011137 012
Cemeteries Staunton, VA SG011137 013
Cemeteries Texas SG011137 014
Cemeteries Thomaston and Barnesville, GA SG011137 015
Cemeteries Tuscaloosa County, AL - various SG011137 016
Cemeteries Tuskegee, AL SG011137 017
Cemeteries University, Miss SG011137 018
Cemeteries Vicksburg, Miss - City Memorial SG011137 019
Cemeteries West Point, Miss SG011137 020
Cemeteries Williamsburg, VA SG011137 021
Cemeteries Winchester, VA SG011137 022
Confederate bibliography Confederate bibliography: A - C SG011137 023
Confederate bibliography Confederate bibliography: D - G SG011137 024
Confederate bibliography Confederate bibliography: H - M SG011137 025
Confederate bibliography Confederate bibliography: N - S SG011137 026
Confederate Memorial Day Confederate Memorial Day SG011137 027
Centennial Commission Centennial Commission SG011137 22A
Confederate Soldiers Home Louisiana - Roster, Alabama Veterans SG011138 001
Confederate Soldiers Home Mountain Creek, AL SG011138 002
Confederate Soldiers Home Mountain Creek, AL - correspondence SG011138 003
Confederate Soldiers Home Mountain Creek, AL - Legislation SG011138 004
Confederate Soldiers Home Mountain Creek, AL - Roster of Residents SG011138 005
Confederate State of America Cabinet SG011138 006
Confederate State of America Congress - Provisional SG011138 007
Confederate State of America Congress - Regular SG011138 008
Confederate State of America Conscription SG011138 009
Confederate State of America Conscription - Exemptions SG011138 010
Confederate State of America Constitution SG011138 011
Confederate State of America Correspondence between Jef Davis, C. C. Clay and W. L. Yancey SG011138 012
Confederate State of America Courts SG011138 013
Confederate State of America Finance - Bonds SG011138 014
Confederate State of America Finance - Currency SG011138 015
Confederate State of America Finance - Currency - Correspondence SG011138 016
Cotton Cotton Cards SG011138 017
Deserters - and Traitors Deserters SG011139 001
Deserters - and Traitors Traitors SG011139 002
Economic Conditions in the South General Info SG011139 003
Economic Conditions in the South Correspondence SG011139 004
Flags Alabama Batle Flag in Archives Collection SG011139 005
Flags Artillery Batteries: Dent's SG011139 006
Flags Artillery Batteries: Eufaula Light Artillery SG011139 007
Flags Artillery Batteries: Fowler's SG011139 008
Flags Artillery Batteries: Lumsden's SG011139 009
Flags Artillery Batteries: Sengstack's SG011139 010
Flags Cavalry: Gen. Joe Wheeler SG011139 011
Flags Cavalry: Hagan's Cavalry Brigade SG011139 012
Flags Cavalry: 1st Ala. Cavalry Regiment SG011139 013
Flags Cavalry: 6th Ala. Cavalry Regiment SG011139 014
Flags Cavalry: 7th (Hodgson's) Ala. Cavalry Regiment SG011139 015
Flags Cavalry: 12th Ala. Cavalry Regiment SG011139 016
Flags Cavalry: 51st Ala. Cavalry Regiment SG011139 017
Flags Company: Baldwin Rangers (15th Confed. Cav) SG011139 018
Flags Company: Beech Grove Home Guards (7th Ala. Inf.) SG011139 019
Flags Company: Calhoun Guards (9th Ala. Inf.) SG011139 020
Flags Company: Calhoun Sharpshooters (9th Ala. Inf.) SG011139 021
Flags Company: Canebrake Rifle Guards (4th Ala. Inf.) SG011139 022
Flags Company: Conecuh Guards (4th Ala. Inf.) SG011139 023
Flags Company: Claiborne Guards SG011139 024
Flags Company: Clairmont Rifles - South Carolina SG011139 025
Flags Company: Dale Guards (7th Ala. Inf.) SG011139 026
Flags Company: Dallas Rangers SG011139 027
Flags Company: Dickinson Guards (24th Ala. Inf.) SG011139 028
Flags Company: Dixie Sledge Rifles (45th Ala. Inf.) SG011139 029
Flags Company: Florence Guards (7th Ala. Inf.) SG011139 030
Flags Company: Franklin Blues (2nd Ala. Reg.) SG011139 031
Flags Company: Greenville Guards (8th Ala. Inf.) SG011139 032
Flags Company: Grove Hill Guards (5th Ala. Inf.) SG011139 033
Flags Company: Huntsville Guards (4th Ala. Inf.) SG011139 034
Flags Company: The Independent Rifles (6th Ala. Inf.) SG011139 035
Flags Company: LaFayette Guards (7th Ala. Inf.) SG011139 036
Flags Company: Lauderdale Rifles (9th Ala. Inf.) SG011139 037
Flags Company: Lauderdale Volunteers (4th Ala. Inf.) SG011139 038
Flags Company: Louisville Blues (7th Ala. Inf.) SG011139 039
Flags Company: Madison Rifles (7th Ala. Inf.) SG011139 040
Flags Company: Magnolia Cadet (4th Ala. Inf.) SG011140 001
Flags Company: Marion Light Infantry (4th Ala. Inf.) SG011140 002
Flags Company: Marion Rifles (4th Ala. Inf.) SG011140 003
Flags Company: Montgomery Greys (6th Ala. Inf.) SG011140 004
Flags Company: Montgomery Cadets SG011140 005
Flags Company: The North Alabamians (4th Ala. Inf.) SG011140 006
Flags Company: North Sumter Rifles (5th Ala. Inf. Bn.) SG011140 007
Flags Company: Perote Rifles (1st Ala. Inf.) SG011140 008
Flags Company: Prairie Rangers SG011140 009
Flags Company: Suggsville Grays (2nd Ala. Inf.) SG011140 010
Flags Company: Triana HOme Guards (7th Ala. Inf.) SG011140 011
Flags Company: Wilcox True Blues (1st Ala. Inf.) SG011140 012
Flags Company: Young Rebels (5th Ala. Inf.) SG011140 013
Flags Confederate Battle Flag SG011140 014
Flags Confederate Ram - Huntsville SG011140 015
Flags Correspondence - Miscellaneous, 1903-05 SG011140 016
Flags Correspondence - Miscellaneous, 1906-09 SG011140 017
Flags Correspondence - Miscellaneous, 1910-19 SG011140 018
Flags Correspondence - Miscellaneous, 1920-49 SG011140 019
Flags Correspondence - Miscellaneous, 1950-69 SG011140 020
Flags Correspondence with P. D. Harrison, 1902-06 SG011140 021
Flags First Flag over Atlantic SG011140 022
Flags Infantry: 1st Ala. Inf. Regiment SG011140 023
Flags Infantry: 3rd Ala. Inf. Regiment SG011140 024
Flags Infantry: 4th Ala. Inf. Regiment SG011141 001
Flags Infantry: 5th Ala. Inf.Battalion SG011141 002
Flags Infantry: 5th Ala. Inf. Regiment SG011141 003
Flags Infantry: 6th Ala. Inf. Regiment SG011141 004
Flags Infantry: 8th Ala. Inf. Regiment SG011141 005
Flags Infantry: 10th Ala. Inf. Regiment SG011141 006
Flags Infantry: 11th Ala. Inf. Regiment SG011141 007
Flags Infantry: 12th Ala. Inf. Regiment SG011141 008
Flags Infantry: 13th Ala. Inf. Regiment SG011141 009
Flags Infantry: 14th Ala. Inf. Regiment SG011141 010
Flags Infantry: 15th Ala. Inf. Regiment SG011141 011
Flags Infantry: 16th Ala. Inf. Regiment SG011141 012
Flags Infantry: 17th Ala. Inf. Regiment SG011141 013
Flags Infantry: 18th Ala. Inf. Regiment SG011141 014
Flags Infantry: 19th Ala. Inf. Regiment SG011141 015
Flags Infantry: 20th Ala. Inf. Regiment SG011141 016
Flags Infantry: 21st Ala. Inf. Regiment SG011141 017
Flags Infantry: 22nd Ala. Inf. Regiment SG011141 018
Flags Infantry: 23rd Ala. Inf. Regiment SG011141 019
Flags Infantry: 24th Ala. Inf. Regiment SG011141 020
Flags Infantry: 26th Ala. Inf. Regiment SG011141 021
Flags Infantry: 26th/50th Ala. Inf. Regiment SG011141 022
Flags Infantry: 27th Ala. Inf. Regiment SG011141 023
Flags Infantry: 28th Ala. Inf. Regiment SG011141 024
Flags Infantry: 29th Ala. Inf. Regiment SG011141 025
Flags Infantry: 30th Ala. Inf. Regiment SG011141 026
Flags Infantry: 31st Ala. Inf. Regiment SG011141 027
Flags Infantry: 33rd Ala. Inf. Regiment SG011141 028
Flags Infantry: 34th Ala. Inf. Regiment SG011141 029
Flags Infantry: 36th Ala. Inf. Regiment SG011141 030
Flags Infantry: 37th Ala. Inf. Regiment SG011141 031
Flags Infantry: 38th Ala. Inf. Regiment SG011141 032
Flags Infantry: 39th Ala. Inf. Regiment SG011141 033
Flags Infantry: 40th Ala. Inf. Regiment SG011142 001
Flags Infantry: 41st Ala. Inf. Regiment SG011142 002
Flags Infantry: 43rd Ala. Inf. Regiment SG011142 003
Flags Infantry: 45th Ala. Inf. Regiment SG011142 004
Flags Infantry: 46th Ala. Inf. Regiment SG011142 005
Flags Infantry: 47th Ala. Inf. Regiment SG011142 006
Flags Infantry: 48th Ala. Inf. Regiment SG011142 007
Flags Infantry: 57th Ala. Inf. Regiment SG011142 008
Flags Infantry: 58th Ala. Inf. Regiment SG011142 009
Flags Infantry: 59th Ala. Inf. Regiment SG011142 010
Flags Infantry: 60th Ala. Inf. Regiment SG011142 011
Flags Infantry: 61st Ala. Inf. Regiment SG011142 012
Flags Hardee Flag SG011142 013
Flags Other States and Miscellaneous Information SG011142 014
Flags Personal - Gen. E. A. O'Neal SG011142 015
Flags Republic of Alabama SG011142 016
Flags Return of Captured Flags SG011142 017
Flags Return of Federal Flags SG011142 018
Flags Stars and Bars SG011142 019
Flags United States Flags SG011143 001
Flags of the Confederacy Flags of the Confederacy SG011143 002
Forts Alabama Forts and Fortifications SG011143 003
Forts Fort Morgan SG011143 004
Forts Ft. Pickens and Ft. Barrancas, Fla. SG011143 005
Forts Fort Sumter, S.C. SG011143 006
Furloughs and Passes Furloughs and Passes SG011143 007
Governors of Southern States Governors of Southern States SG011143 008
Great Seal of the Confederacy Great Seal of the Confederacy SG011143 009
Historiography - Confederate Historiography - Confederate SG011143 010
Home Guards Home Guards SG011143 011
Hospitals Alabama Hospitals in Virginia SG011143 012
Hospitals Augusta, Ga. SG011143 013
Hospitals General SG011143 014
Hospitals Greenville, Ala. SG011143 015
Hospitals Hospitals in Alabama SG011144 001
Hospitals Marion, Ala. SG011144 002
Hospitals Montgomery, Ala. SG011144 003
Hospitals Selma, Ala. SG011144 004
Hospitals Union Point, Ga. SG011144 005
Impressment of Slaves Impressment of Slaves SG011144 006
Individual Records Caraker, George W. SG011144 007
Individual Records Donegan, Same W. and Chas A. SG011144 008
Individual Records Hammond, A. L. (Parole) SG011144 009
Individual Records Nelson, Richard M. SG011144 010
Individual Records Smith, Capt. H. SG011144 011
Ku Klux Klan Ku Klux Klan SG011144 012
Laws and Legislation Acts of Ala. Legislature - 1861 SG011144 013
Laws and Legislation Ala. Supt. of Army Records, 1863-1865 SG011144 014
Medals and Badges Cross of Honor SG011144 015
Medals and Badges Roll of Honor SG011144 016
Medical Care Alabama Doctors SG011144 017
Medical Care Besson, W. E., hospital Steward SG011144 018
Medical Care Harrison, J., Surgeon SG011144 019
Medical Care Medical Boards SG011144 020
Medical Care Papers of Dr. W. C. Cross SG011144 021
Medical Care Pharmacy in C.S.A. SG011144 022
Medical Care Volunteers SG011144 023
Military Districts and Posts Military Districts and Posts SG011144 024
Military Parks Chickamauga/Chattanooga SG011144 025
Military Parks Gettysburg SG011144 026
Military Parks Manassas (Bull Run) SG011144 027
Military Parks Shiloh SG011145 001
Military Parks Vicksburg SG011145 002
Montgomery Units in CSA Montgomery Units in CSA SG011145 003
Monuments and Memorials Arlington, Va. SG011145 004
Monuments and Memorials Capitol Hill (Montgomery) SG011145 005
Monuments and Memorials Lowndes County, Ala. SG011145 006
Monuments and Memorials Montgomery, Ala. Markers SG011145 007
Monuments and Memorials Montgomery, Ala. SG011145 008
Monuments and Memorials Monuments in Alabama SG011145 009
Monuments and Memorials Monuments outside Alabama SG011145 010
Monuments and Memorials Selma, Ala. SG011146 001
Monuments and Memorials USC Historic Markers SG011146 002
Monuments and Memorials University of Alabama SG011146 003
Names of the War Names of the War SG011146 004
Navy ADAH Correspondence SG011146 005
Navy Blockade Running SG011146 006
Navy CSS Alabama SG011146 007
Navy CSS Florida SG011146 008
Navy CSS Merrimac SG011146 009
Navy Gun Boat "Baltic" SG011146 010
Navy Gun Boat "Chattachoochee" SG011146 011
Navy Gun Boat "Peedee" SG011146 012
Navy Gun Boat "Star of the West" SG011146 013
Navy Heyl Papers (CSN Artifacts) SG011146 014
Navy Marine Corps, CSA SG011146 015
Navy Miscellaneous SG011147 001
Navy Pensacola Navy Yard Action SG011147 002
Navy Roster - CSN Officers From Alabama SG011147 003
Navy Spotswood, Dr., CSN Bu MEd SG011147 004
Navy Submarine "Hunley" SG011147 005
Navy Submarine "Hunley" SG011147 006
Navy Tift, Nelson - Ship Builder SG011147 007
Navy USS "Tecumseh" SG011147 008
Newspapers General SG011147 009
Newspapers Mississippi Newspapers - 1863 SG011147 010
Newspapers Montgomery Papers - 1863 SG011147 011
Newspapers "The Pioneer Banner", Ft. Barrancas - 1861 SG011147 012
Newspapers Wetumpka Spectator, Nov. 21, 1860 SG011147 013
Nitre and Mining Bureau Nitre and Mining Bureau SG011147 014
Orders Ala. Calls for Troops SG011148 001
Orders Ala. Orders and Proclamations SG011148 002
Orders General Ordres - 1862-1865 SG011148 003
Orders Miscellaneous SG011148 004
Ordinance Dept. Ordinance Dept. SG011148 005
Paroles Paroles SG011148 006
Patriotic Organizations Clarke County Veterans Assoc. - 1891 SG011148 007
Patriotic Organizations Confederate Bible Society SG011148 008
Patriotic Organizations Ladies Memorial Assoc. SG011148 009
Patriotic Organizations United Confederate Veterans Assoc. SG011148 010
Patriotic Organizations United Daughters of the Confederacy SG011149 001
Patriotic Organizations United Sons of Confederate Veterans SG011149 002
Patriotic Organizations United Sons of Confederate Veterans (Charter Applications) SG011149 003
Patriotic Organizations United Sons of Confederate Veterans (Charter Applications) SG011149 004
Patriotic Organizations United Sons of Confederate Veterans (Memberships) SG011149 005
Patriotic Organizations United Sons of Confederate Veterans (Memberships) SG011149 006
Patriotic Organizations White House Assoc. of the Confederacy SG011149 007
Patriotic Organizations White House of the Confederacy, Richmond SG011149 008
Patriotic Organizations The Yellowhammers SG011149 009
Peace Movements Peace Movements SG011150 001
Pensions Alabama Legislative Acts SG011150 002
Pensions Alabama Miscellaneous SG011150 003
Pensions Florida Pension Rolls SG011150 004
Pensions States other than Alabama SG011150 005
Personal Narratives Allen, G.W. SG011150 006
Personal Narratives Baker, Alpheus SG011150 007
Personal Narratives Barlow, Alfred (Captured Union Soldier) SG011150 008
Personal Narratives Baumer, Joseph SG011150 009
Personal Narratives Brown, T.R. - P.O.W. SG011150 010
Personal Narratives Daniel, James BArnett SG011150 011
Personal Narratives Davenport, J.H. SG011150 012
Personal Narratives DeShazo, R.M. SG011150 013
Personal Narratives DuBose, J.W. SG011150 014
Personal Narratives Field, George SG011150 015
Personal Narratives Gephart, W.G. - 10th Iowa SG011150 016
Personal Narratives Gibren, William SG011150 017
Personal Narratives Gurley, Frank SG011150 018
Personal Narratives Hall, John R. SG011150 019
Personal Narratives Hardin, Mrs. W.F. SG011151 001
Personal Narratives Hill, Andrew M. SG011151 002
Personal Narratives Holliman, Joshua SG011151 003
Personal Narratives Hudson, J.G. - Canebrake Guards SG011151 004
Personal Narratives Hunt, Charles W. - P.O.W. SG011151 005
Personal Narratives Jordan, A.M. SG011151 006
Personal Narratives Jordan, W.C. - 15th Ala. Inf. SG011151 007
Personal Narratives Kennedy, David SG011151 008
Personal Narratives Langley Brothers SG011151 009
Personal Narratives Martin, Charles T. SG011151 010
Personal Narratives Mathews, W.E. - AKA Preston, W.E. SG011151 011
Personal Narratives McGee, O.P. SG011151 012
Personal Narratives Milner, Lt. Willis J. - 33rd Ala. Inf. SG011151 013
Personal Narratives Moore, M.D. - P.O. W. SG011151 014
Personal Narratives Mosby, John S. SG011151 015
Personal Narratives Riley, John M. SG011151 016
Personal Narratives Rogers, T.J. - 27th Ala. Inf. SG011151 017
Personal Narratives Syder, C.A. - 3rd Ala. Inf. SG011151 018
Personal Narratives Suarez, Frank SG011151 019
Personal Narratives UDC Collection SG011151 020
Personal Narratives Unknown Authors SG011151 021
Personal Narratives Vaughan, Turner - 4th Ala. Inf. SG011151 022
Personal Narratives Washburn, B.M. SG011151 023
Personal Narratives Wood, H.B. SG011151 024
Personal Narratives Woods, M.L. SG011151 025
Pictures Pictures SG011152 001
Poems and Songs Band Music SG011152 002
Poems and Songs "Confederate Gunpowder, " a poem SG011152 003
Poems and Songs "Dixie" SG011152 004
Poems and Songs Poems SG011152 005
Poems and Songs Poems (con't) SG011152 006
Poems and Songs Poems (con't) SG011152 007
Poems and Songs The Rebel Yell SG011152 008
Poems and Songs Songs SG011152 009
Political Parties and State Politics Political Parties and State Politics SG011152 010
Prisons and Prisoners Alabama Prisoners Captured at Ft. Morgan SG011152 011
Prisons and Prisoners Confederate Prisons SG011152 012
Prisons and Prisoners Confederate Prisons - Andersonville, Ga. (Camp Sumter) SG011152 013
Prisons and Prisoners Confederate Prisons - Cahaba, Ala. (Castle Morgan) SG011153 001
Prisons and Prisoners Confederate Prisons - Miscellaneous SG011153 002
Prisons and Prisoners Federal Prisons - Camp Chase, Ohio SG011153 003
Prisons and Prisoners Federal Prisons - Camp Douglas, Ill SG011153 004
Prisons and Prisoners Federal Prisons - Camp Morton, Ind. SG011153 005
Prisons and Prisoners Federal Prisons - Elmira, N.Y. SG011153 006
Prisons and Prisoners Federal Prisons - Fort Delaware SG011153 007
Prisons and Prisoners Federal Prisons - Johnson's Island, Ohio SG011153 008
Prisons and Prisoners Federal - Miscellaneous SG011153 009
Prisons and Prisoners Prisoners of Wilson's Raid SG011153 010
Public Opinion Anti-Southern Settlement SG011153 011
Public Opinion Loyalty SG011153 012
Quartermaster Department Commissary Department SG011153 013
Quartermaster Department General SG011153 014
Quartermaster Department Salt Commission SG011153 015
Quartermaster Department Union - Report of 1864 SG011153 016
Reconstruction Constitution and Constitutional Convention - 1865 SG011154 001
Reconstruction Constitution and Constitutional Convention - 1867 SG011154 002
Reconstruction Correspondence - General SG011154 003
Reconstruction General SG011154 004
Reconstruction General and Special Orders - Dept. of Alabama SG011154 005
Reconstruction Greene County Democrat - July 21- Sept. 22, 1916 SG011154 006
Reconstruction Oaths of Allegiance SG011154 007
Reconstruction Reconstruction in Alabama SG011154 008
Relief Measures Entertainments for Relief SG011154 009
Relief Measures General Assembly Relief Act SG011154 010
Relief Measures Homes for Disabled Soldiers SG011154 011
Relief Measures Indigent Families Relief SG011154 012
Relief Measures Military Society of Mobile SG011155 001
Relief Measures Soldiers Relief SG011155 002
Religious Aspects Confederate Army Chaplains SG011155 003
Religious Aspects Confederate Book of Common Prayer SG011155 004
Religious Aspects Home Front SG011155 005
Religious Aspects Jewish Participation SG011155 005
Rendevous Depots Rendevous Depots SG011155 006
Revenue Service Revenue Service SG011155 007
Secession Alabama Convention SG011155 008
Secession Alabama Convention SG011155 009
Secession Alabama Convention Delegates SG011155 010
Secession Alabama Ordnances, Constitution and Legislation SG011156 001
Secession Formation of the Confederacy SG011156 002
Secession Speech of Col. W. J. McGehee SG011156 003
Secession States other than Alabama SG011156 004
Sharpshooter Battlations Sharpshooter Battalions SG011156 005
Signal Corps - CSA Signal Corps - CSA SG011156 006
Statistics Statistics SG011156 007
Social Life and Customs Social Life and Customs SG011156 008
Spies Spies SG011156 009
Stamps Stamps SG011156 010
Surrender Surrender SG011156 011
Taxation CSA Taxes SG011156 012
Uniforms Uniforms SG011157 001
University of Alabama Corps of Cadets University of Alabama Corps of Cadets SG011157 002
USA Troops from Alabama USA Troops from Alabama SG011157 003
Veterans Camps: Camp Jeff Falkner - No. 1382 SG011157 004
Veterans Camps: Camp Lomas - No. 171, Montgomery, Ala. SG011157 005
Veterans Camps: Camp Pelham, Montgomery, Ala. SG011157 006
Veterans Camps: Robinson Springs Camp SG011157 007
Veterans Cleburne And Randolph Counties SG011157 008
Veterans Miscellaneous SG011157 009
Veterans Reunions: Alabama Division - UCV SG011157 010
Veterans Reunions: Alabama Division - UCV SG011157 011
Veterans Reunions: 1890 - First Annual UCV - Chattanooga, TN SG011157 012
Veterans Reunions: 1894 - Fourth Annual UCV - Birmingham, AL SG011157 013
Veterans Reunions: 1895 - Fifth Annual UCV - Houston, TX SG011157 014
Veterans Reunions: 1899 - Ninth Annual UCV - Houston, TX SG011157 015
Veterans Reunions: 1900 - Tenth Annual UCV - Louisville, KY SG011157 016
Veterans Reunions: 1901 - Eleventh Annual UCV - Memphis, TN SG011157 017
Veterans Reunions: 1902 - Twelfth Annual UCV - Dallas, TX SG011158 001
Veterans Reunions: 1903 - Thirteenth Annual UCV - New Orleans, LA SG011158 002
Veterans Reunions: 1904 - Fourteenth Annual UCV - Nashville, TN SG011158 003
Veterans Reunions: 1907 - Seventeenth Annual UCV - Richmond, VA SG011158 004
Veterans Reunions: 1908 - Eighteenth Annual UCV - Birmingham, AL SG011158 005
Veterans Reunions: 1910 - Twentieth Annual UCV - Mobile, AL SG011158 006
Veterans Reunions: 1911 - Twenty-First Annual UCV - Little Rock, AR SG011158 007
Veterans Reunions: 1912 - Twenty-Second Annual UCV - Macon, GA SG011158 008
Veterans Reunions: 1913 - Twenty-Third Annual UCV - Chattanooga, TN SG011158 009
Veterans Reunions: 1914 - Twenty-Fourth Annual UCV - Jacksonville, FL SG011158 010
Veterans Reunions: 1915 - Twenty-Fifth Annual UCV - Richmond, VA SG011158 011
Veterans Reunions: 1916 - Twenty-Sixth Annual UCV - Birmingham, AL SG011158 012
Veterans Reunions: 1917 - Twenty-Seventh Annual UCV - Washington, DC SG011158 013
Veterans Reunions: 1919 - Twenty-Ninth Annual UCV - Atlanta, GA SG011158 014
Veterans Reunions: 1921 - Thirty-First Annual UCV - Chattanooga, TN SG011159 001
Veterans Reunions: 1931 - Forty-First Annual UCV - Montgomery, AL SG011159 002
Veterans Reunions: 1940 - Fiftieth Annual UCV - Washington, DC SG011159 003
Veterans Reunions: 1948 - Fifty-Eighth Annual UCV - Montgomery, AL SG011159 004
Veterans Reunions: Combined UCV and GAR - Gettysburg, PA SG011159 005
Veterans Reunions: Local and Miscellaneous SG011159 006
Veterans Survivors - 1905 SG011159 007
Veterans United Confederate Veterans SG011159 008
Vigilance and Committees of Safety Vigilance and Committees of Safety SG011159 009
White House of the Confederacy White House of the Confederacy SG011159 010
Women in the Confederacy ADAH Correspondence SG011159 011
Women in the Confederacy Aid Society Notice - General SG011159 012
Women in the Confederacy Essays SG011160 001
Women in the Confederacy Greensboro Soldiers Aid Society SG011160 002
Women in the Confederacy Memorial Newspapers - 1907 SG011160 003
Women in the Confederacy Montgomery Ladies Aid Society SG011160 004
Women in the Confederacy New Notices - Clarke County Aid Society SG011160 005
Women in the Confederacy Newspaper Clippings SG011160 006
Women in the Confederacy Proposed Memorial SG011160 007
Veterans County census: Autauga - Lowndes Co., 1910-1940 SG016316
Veterans County census: Macon - Winston Co., 1910-1914 SG016317
Miscellaneous Miscellaneous SG017131
Miscellaneous History of the Mobile Cadets SG017131 001
Miscellaneous Metropolitan Guards (Montgomery) 1861 SG017131 002
Miscellaneous Marion Rifles 1860 SG017131 003
Miscellaneous Independent Rifles 1861 SG017131 004
Miscellaneous Roster of Co. E, 6th Inf. Reg. "Haynesville Guards" SG017131 005
Miscellaneous Col. Alpheus Baker Diary 1901 SG017131 006
Miscellaneous Reminiscences of: William C. Jordan 1861-1865 SG017131 007
Miscellaneous Reminiscences of: Charles B. Martin 1908 SG017131 008
Miscellaneous Reminiscences of: Hood's Tennessee Campaign SG017131 009
Miscellaneous Experiences of Thomas W. Fancher 1863 SG017131 010
Miscellaneous Diary, Letters from the front SG017131 011
Miscellaneous Searcy Letters 1862-1863 SG017131 012
Miscellaneous Alabama Home Guard SG017131 013
Miscellaneous Autauga County Rifles - Rough and Ready Vols., Winston County SG017131 014
Miscellaneous Volunteer Companies Raised 1861 SG017131 015
Miscellaneous Distillation of Alcohol and Alcoholic Beverages SG017131 016
Miscellaneous Impressment Report SG017131 017
Miscellaneous Indigent Families 1861-1865 SG017131 018
Miscellaneous Exemptions From C.S.A. SG017131 019
Miscellaneous Conscription Report SG017131 020
Miscellaneous Ordinance of Secession 1861 Jan SG017131 021
Miscellaneous Procurement of Arms SG017131 022
Miscellaneous Report of Artificial Limbs SG017131 023
Miscellaneous Cotton Cards Reports SG017131 024
Miscellaneous Wilsons' Raid through Alabama SG017131 025
Miscellaneous Recollections - Campbell Wood SG017131 026
Miscellaneous Alabama Troops and Forts SG017131 027
Miscellaneous Volunteers Under Governor's Proclamation 1862 SG017131 028
Miscellaneous Rose Weaver Collection SG017131 029
Miscellaneous Personal Letters - Lt. T. S. Taylor, Co. G, 6th Alabama SG017131 030
Miscellaneous Letters From the Front - Warrick's Letters SG017131 031
Miscellaneous Miscellaneous SG017132
Correspondence Letters From the Front SG017132 001
Correspondence Hospital SG017132 002
Correspondence Relics, Old Papers, Documents SG017132 003
Correspondence Confederate Papers 1861-1862 SG017132 004
Correspondence Old Soldier's Home SG017132 005
Correspondence Monuments, Tablets, etc. #1 SG017132 006
Correspondence Monuments, Tablets, etc. #2 SG017132 007
Correspondence Military Parks SG017132 008
Correspondence Montgomery Co. Soldiers SG017132 009
Correspondence John W. A. Sanford SG017132 010
Correspondence Miscellaneous C.S.A. SG017132 011
Correspondence Navy SG017132 012
Correspondence U.D.C. Boulder at UA 1913-1917 SG017132 013
Correspondence Songs SG017132 014
Correspondence Signal Corps SG017132 015
Correspondence Secession SG017132 016
Correspondence Uniforms SG017132 017
Correspondence Women of Confederacy SG017132 018
Correspondence Records #1 SG017132 019
Correspondence Records #2 SG017132 020
Correspondence U.C.V. SG017132 021
Correspondence Cemeteries SG017132 022
Correspondence C.S.A. Material, Lists, etc. SG017132 023
Correspondence Confederate Pensions - Death Payment SG017132 024
Correspondence 1955-1958 - Alabama Pension Commission SG017132 025
Correspondence Blease's Speech on Sherman's Army SG017132 026
Correspondence Service in the Union Army SG017132 027
Correspondence Elisha Lawrence SG017132 028
Correspondence Confederate in Egyptian Army SG017132 029
Correspondence Census of Confederate Veterans: Chambers County 1907 SG017132 030
Correspondence Census of Confederate Veterans: Clay County 1907 SG017132 031
Miscellaneous Personal Histories, C.S.A. SG017132 032
Correspondence Census of Confederate Veterans: Jackson County 1907 SG017132 032
Correspondence Census of Confederate Veterans: Shelby County 1907 SG017132 033
Correspondence Census of Confederate Veterans: St. Clair County 1907 SG017132 034
Correspondence Militia: Henry County, VA 1781 SG017132 035
Correspondence Clyde E. Wilson 'Exemptions from Military Service", 1861-1865 SG017132 036
Miscellaneous Miscellaneous SG017133
Duplicates Letters to John A. Graham, Auditor SG017133 001
Duplicates Governor Shorter #1 SG017133 002
Duplicates Governor Shorter #2 SG017133 003
Duplicates Telegrams to Governor Shorter 1862-1863 SG017133 004
Duplicates Telegrams to Governor Shorter 1862 SG017133 005
Duplicates Confederate Reports SG017133 006
Duplicates General Orders, Roll of Honor, etc. SG017133 007
Duplicates Confederate Soldiers, etc. #1 SG017133 008
Duplicates Confederate Soldiers, etc. #2 SG017133 009
Duplicates Newspapers SG017133 010
Duplicates Alabama in the War (Local Designations) SG017133 011
Duplicates Hardee's Battalion SG017133 012
Duplicates Alabama in the War (Alabama Commands) SG017133 013
Duplicates Montgomery Co. Troops SG017133 014