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Author: Dept. of Archives and History

Title: Confederate Regimental History Files


Alabama Infantry Regiment, 14th, Sketches, Correspondence, History by Marshall B. Hurst, musician, Co. C SG024895
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 15th (Folders 10-16) History by William C. Jordan (F 13-14) SG024895
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 15th, History of the 15th by William Calvin Oates, Col, correspondence SG024895
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 15th, Pike County soldiers in the 15th Ala Infantry Regt. By Anonymous SG024895
Alabama Quartermaster General - State Militia (F 5); Accounts and Claims Dept (F 6); SG024924
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 04th, Diary of Co. K by Rufus Hollis (Original) (F 8) SG024888
Alabama Militia (1860-1865) (F 11); First (1st) Division (F 12); Second (2nd) Division (F 13); SG024924
Alabama Militia Eleventh (11th) Brigade - 5th Division (F 35); Twelfth (12th) 7th Division (F 36); SG024924
Alabama Militia Eleventh (11th) Division (F 23); Militia (1860-1865) (F 24); SG024924
Alabama Militia Fifteenth (15th) Brigade - 6th Division (F 39); Sixteenth (16th) 8th Div. (F 40); SG024924
Alabama Militia Fifth (5th) Brigade - 2nd Division (F 29); Sixth (6th) 3rd Division (F 30); SG024924
Alabama Militia First (1st) Brigade - 1st Division (F 25); Second (2rd) Brigade 1s Division (F 26); SG024924
Alabama Militia Fourth (4th) Division (F 15); Fifth (5th) Division (F 16) empty; SG024924
Alabama Militia Nineteenth (19th) Brigade - 10th Division (F 43); Twentieth (20th) EMPTY (F 44); SG024924
Alabama Militia Ninth (9th) Brigade - 4th Division (F 33); Tenth (10th) 9th Division (F 34); SG024924
Alabama Militia Ninth (9th) Division (F 21); Tenth (10th) Division - 4th and Brigade (F 22); SG024924
Alabama Militia Seventeenth (17th) Brigade - 8th Division (F 41); Eighteenth (18th) 9th Div. (F 42); SG024924
Alabama Militia Seventh (7th) Brigade - 6th Division (F 31); Eighth (8th) 11th Division (F 32); SG024924
Alabama Militia Seventh (7th) Division (F 19); Eighth (8h) Division 16th and 17th Brigade (F 20); SG024924
Alabama Militia Sixth (6th) Division (F 17); 6th Div. - 7th Brigade 22nd, 41st, and 51st Reg. (F 18) SG024924
Alabama Militia Third (3rd) Brigade (F 27); Fourth (4th) Brigade (F 28); SG024924
Alabama Militia Thirteenth (13th) Brigade - 11th Division (F 37); Fourteenth (14th) 3rd Div. (F 38); SG024924
Alabama Militia Twenty-first (21st) Brigade - 5th Division (F 45); Twenty-second (2dth) 4th (F 46) SG024924
Home Guards for Local Defense (F 3); Alabama Conscript (Draft) Record (F 4) empty SG024924
Alabama Militia Regiment: 15th Jefferson Co. (F 10); 16th Marion Co. (F 11); SG024925
Alabama Militia Regiment: 17th Tuscaloosa Co. (F 12); 18th Tuscaloosa Co. (F 13); SG024925
Alabama Militia Regiment: 19th Greene Co. (F 14); 20th Marengo Co. (F 15) and (F 16); SG024925
Alabama Militia Regiment: 21st Bibb Co. (F 17); 22nd Dallas Co. (F 18); 23rd Autauga Co. (F 19); SG024925
Alabama Militia Regiment: 24th Montgomery Co. (F 20); 25th Henry Co. (F 21); 26th Monroe Co. (F 22); SG024925
Alabama Militia Regiment: 27th DeKalb Co. (F 23); 28th Conecuh Co. (F 24); 29th Butler Co. (F 25); SG024925
Alabama Militia Regiment: 30th Clarke Co. (F 26); 31st Washington Co. (F 27); 32nd Perry Co. (F 28); SG024925
Alabama Militia Regiment: 33rd Madison Co. (F 29); 34th Pickens Co. (F 30); 35th Jackson Co. (F 31); SG024925
Alabama Militia Regiment: 36th Wilcox Co. (F 32); 37th Franklin Co. (F 33); 38th Greene Co. (F 34); SG024925
Alabama Militia Regiment: 39th Morgan Co. (F 34); 40th Montgomery Co. (F 35); 41st Dallas Co. (F 37) SG024925
Alabama Militia Regiment: 42nd Pike Co. (F 38); 43rd Walker Co. (F 39); 44th Perry Co. (F 40); SG024925
Alabama Militia Regiment: 45th Fayette Co. (F 41); 46th Dale Co. (F 42); 47th Autauga Co. (F 43); SG024925
Alabama Militia Regiment: 48th Mobile Co. (F 44); 49th Barbour Co. (F 45); 50th Dallas Co. (F 46) SG024925
Alabama Militia Regiment: 8th Lawrence Co. (F 4); 9th Franklin Co. (F 5); 11th Lauderdale Co. (F 6); SG024925
Alabama Militia Regiment: Talladega Co. (F 1); 4th Limestone Co. (F 2); 7th Lawrence Co. (F 3); SG024925
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 05th, (Folders 4-12) Correspondence (F 8 &10), SG024890
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 05th, Journal of Richard H. Adams, TS (F 11) SG024890
Alabama Militia Companies: General Information (F 1); State Home Guard Regiment and Co. (F 2); SG024924
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 31st (Folders 8-10) Correspondence (F 10) SG024901
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 3oth, Samuel C. Kelly's Letters (F 4) Correspondence (F 7); SG024901
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 30th - William M. Kelly, History of the 30th (Thesis) TS AHQ (Spring 1947: 115-189( (F 3), SG024901
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 06th, History of the Montgomery Greys, Anon SG024891
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 06th, Reminiscences of Autuaga Rifles, J. M. Thompson, 1st Sgt, Co. G SG024891
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 06th, Reunion of the Old Independent Rifles, Anon SG024891
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 06th, sketches, newspaper clippings SG024891
J. M. Thompson's Reminiscences (F 5), Original Requisitions, (F 8 & 9) SG024891
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 11th, Sketches, accounts, History by George Field, Cor SG024894
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 12th, History by Robert E. Park, sketches, newspaper acct, cor SG024894
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 13th, Sketches, newspaper acct, Stories by W. H. Bird, Elijah T. Boland SG024895
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 03rd, Account, Thad T. Daughdrill, Co. B SG024888-9
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 03rd, Account, Third Alabama Regiment, General Andrew Cullen Battle SG024888-9
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 03rd, Anon, History of the Mobile Cadets (Co. A) SG024888-9
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 03rd, History & Roster Tuskegee Light Infantry (Co. C), James M. Tate, Lt SG024888-9
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 03rd, History of Regt until 9 Apr. 1864 by Col. Forsyth SG024888-9
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 03rd, MS, Ten Months Experience in Northern Prisons, J.B. Stamp, Sgt, Co I SG024888-9
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 03rd, Reminiscences of Army Life, Camp Scenes, Richrd H. Powell, Lt. Col. SG024888-9
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 03rd, sketches by Brewer & Evans, nespaper clippings SG024888-9
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 04th (Folders 4-12) R.T. Coles History (F 8), Correspondence 1861 (F 12) SG024889
Alabama Cavalry Regiment, 05th SG024912
Alabama Cavalry Regiment, 06th SG024912
Alabama Cavalry Regiment, 07th (Folders 6-10); SG024912
Alabama Cavalry Regiment, 08th (Folders 11-12) SG024912
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 07th, Director's correspondence SG024892
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 07th, Sketches, History of Co. E, Louisville Blues, John Wesley James SG024892
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 08th, Correspondence, sketches, newspaper accounts SG024892
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 08th, History of the Eighth Ala. Vol. Inf. Regt, Hilary A. Herbert, Col. SG024892
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 08th, Letters of John Chitwood, TS, 1861 SG024892
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 02nd, Cor, 1861-1910, & Later; & Original Special Orders Unit 2nd Regt. SG024887
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 02nd, DuBose manuscript, newspaper clippings director's correspondence SG024887
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 22nd, Sketches, newspaper acct, correspondence SG024898
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 23rd (Folders 8-12) George E. Brewer, History (F 9), SG024898
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 23rd, History of 23rd by George E. Reid (F 11), SG024898
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 23rd, Short History of Co. C by C.I. Hutto (F 10), SG024898
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 24th, Sketches, newspaper acct, correspondence SG024899
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 10th, TS, George C. Whatley's Letters, Director's Cor SG024893
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 10th, Batley George McLelan's Diary, Mss, SG024893
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 09th (Folders 1-5) Correspondence, sketches SG024893
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 09th, Acct of Gen. Lee's Surrender at Appomatox, Dr H. A. Minor, surgeon SG024893
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 09th, Battle of the Crater as I saw it, John C. Featherstone, Co. F, Capt SG024893
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 09th, History of the Ninth Alabama Regiment, Anon. SG024893
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 25th (Folders 5-10) Wilson P. Howell History Co. I (F 7-8), SG024899
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 26th (Folders 11-13) Correspondence (F 13) SG024899
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 25th - Pierre D. Costgllo's Letters Co. K (F 9), Correspondence (F10_, Letters of 25th (F 11) SG024899
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 37th, Thomas J. Carlisle, History of Co I SG024904
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 38th, Cor, Hiram T Holt, Report, 1863 SG024904
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 39th (Folders 8-11), Original Morning Reports Co. F, 1862 May-? (F 8), SG024904
Ann Blomquist, Compiler, 40th Ala. Rosters (1997) ( F 18) SG024904
Correspondence (F 12), J. H. Pickens Account Co. G (F 13), SG024904
Extracts and Inserts History (F 16), R. J. M. Simmons, Extracts from Letters to His Wife 1863-1865 (F 17) SG024904
John H. Curry, Diary of Co. B From AHQ 17(1955) 159-222 (F 14), S.W.S. Pratt and G.E. Brewer: SG024904
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 40th - John W. Jones, Account (TS) Co. H (F 10); Alabama Infantry Regiment, 40th (Folders 12-18) SG024904
Tennessee Hist. Quarterly (Dec. 1953) (F 5), Correspondence (F 6) SG024904
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 16th, Diary of Westwood Jones, Correspondence SG024896
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 16th, MS, History of the regt by James Edmonds Saunders SG024896
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 16th, MS, Reminiscences of Hood's Tennessee Campaign, W. O. Dodd, Capt. SG024896
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 16th, Sketches, Recollections of Andrew Malone Hill, SG024896
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 16th, Unit history done by Gene Cantrell in 1996 SG024896
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 17th, History of regt by Benjamin Franklin Weathers, Capt, Co. E SG024896
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 17th, Sketches, newspaper acct, DuBose mss SG024896
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 18th, History of 18th Ala Inf Regt, Edgar W. Jones, Co. G SG024897
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 18th, Sketches, newspaper acct, DuBose mss, cor SG024897
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 19th, Cor, E.W. Treadwell's Letters (F 9), newspaper acct SG024897
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 19th, Roll and History of Co C, Nineteenth Ala Inf Regt, Anon SG024897
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 20th, History of Co. C by Hattie Eunice Williams told by W. A. Williams SG024897
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 20th, History of Co. E by John McKee Gould (F 13), SG024897
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 20th, James D. Harville, Recollections , Co. I (F 15), SG024897
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 21st, Sketches, newspaper acct, correspondence SG024898
Alabama Cavalry Regiment, 01st SG024910
Alabama Cavalry Regiment, 02nd SG024910
Alabama Cavalry Regiment, 03rd SG024910
Correspondence (F 7, 11-12), Originals (F 10) SG024910
Alabama Cavalry Regiment, 04th (Folders 10-18), Correspondence (F 16, 18) SG024911
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 41st (Folders 1-3) Thomas S. Stinson, Reminsences 1862-1865 (TS) (F 1), SG024905
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 42nd, Skectches, correspondence SG024905
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 43rd (Folders 5-7) M.J. Mims' Letters 1862-1865 Co. G in AHQ SG024905
Correspondence (F 2); Alabama Infantry Regiment, 44th, Correspondence SG024905
Correspondence (F 8), Charles E. Boyd, The Devil's Den 1862-1865 (1987) (F 9) SG024905
Eugene A. Smith, Recollections Co. K (F 12), William J. Milner, History Co. K (F 13), SG024902
Alabama Artillery Battery General Information (Folder 1); SG024916
Alabama Artillery Battery, 01st (Folders 2-4); Alabama Artillery Battery, 2nd (Folder 5); SG024916
Alabama Artillery Battery, Bertwell's (F 10); Alabama Artillery Battery, Charpentier's (F 11); SG024916
Alabama Artillery Battery, Clanton's (F 8); Alabama Artillery Battery, Burnett's (F 9); SG024916
Alabama Artillery Battery, Dent's (F 12); Alabama Artillery Battery, Emery's (F 13); SG024916
Alabama Artillery Battery, Eufaula Light Artillery (F 14) SG024916
Alabama Artillery Battery, Fowler's (Plenan's) (F 15); Alabama Artillery Battery Gage's (F 16-17) SG024916
Alabama Artillery Battery, Goldthwaite's (F 18); Alabama Artillery Battery, Hardaway's (F 19) SG024916
Alabama Artillery Battery, Haynie's (F 20); Alabama Artillery Battery, Horner's (F 21); SG024916
Alabama Artillery Battery, Jeff Davis' (F 22); Ketchum's - SG024916
Alabama Artillery Battery, LaFayette's SG024916
Alabama Artillery Battery, Waddell (F 6); Alabama Artillery Battery, Bellamy (F 7); SG024916
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 27th (Folders 1-4) J.P. Cannon (TS) History (F 1), SG024900
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 28th (Folders 5-10) History by Oliver N. Cole 1862-1865 (F 7), SG024900
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 29th Correspondence (F 13) SG024900
B.C. Goodner's Diary 1864-1865 (F 3), Correspondence (F 4) SG024900
Correspondence (F 10); Alabama Infantry Regiment (Folders 11-13) Property Returns (Originals) (F 11) SG024900
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 30th Correspondence, James D. Arnold acct SG024901
Return of Flag (F 8, 11, 15); Marvin L. Wheeler , The Train Wreck [1862] (F 11), SG024902
Beall's, Brewer's Cavalry Battalion - Alabama, Estes Cavalry, SG024921
Governor's Office Correspondence (1860-1865) (F 8); and (Mar. 15, 1862) (F 10); SG024924
Confederate Infantry Brigade, Cantey (F 3); Confederate Infantry Brigade, Clanton-Holtzclaw (F 5-6); SG024918
Confederate Infantry Brigade, Cumming's (F 7-8); Confederate Infantry Brigade, Dea's (F 9); SG024918
Confederate Infantry Brigade, Drake's (F 10); Confederate Infantry Brigade, Forney's (F 11); SG024918
Confederate Infantry Brigade, Fuller's (F 12); Confederate Infantry Brigade's SG024918
Confederate Infantry Brigade, Hanson's (F 16); Confederate Infantry Brigade, Hawthorn's (F 17) SG024918
Confederate Infantry Brigade, Heimon's (F 18); Confederate Infantry Brigade, Jackson's (F 19) SG024918
Confederate Infantry Brigade, Law's (F 20); Confederate Infantry Brigade, Liddell's (F 21) SG024918
Gladden's, Gardner's, Deas' (F 13); Confederate Infantry Brigade, Gracie's (F 14-15); SG024918
Alabama Battalion of Partisan Rangers, 1st, Gunter's Cavalry Regiment IF 19); SG024922
Alabama Cavalry Battalion, 04th , Co. D, Brown's Cavalry Co. and Correspondence (F 3); SG024922
Alabama Cavalry Battalion, 04th, Dawson's Cavalry Co. (F 12) and Correspondence SG024922
Alabama Cavalry Regiment, 01st, Montgomery Mounted Rifles and Correspondence (F 33); SG024922
Alabama Cavalry Regiment, 03rd Co. D Farish's Cavalry Co. (F 15); SG024922
Alabama Cavalry Regiment, 03rd, Co. I Gordon's Cavalry Co. (F 18); SG024922
Alabama Cavalry Regiment, 03rd, Co. K, Crocheron's Light Dragoons (F 6); SG024922
Alabama Cavalry Regiment, 03rd, Co. K, Crocheron's Light Dragoons (F 6-7); SG024922
Alabama Cavalry Regiment, 03rd, Co. K, Crocheron's Light Dragoons (F 8) Director's Office Corr. 1910; SG024922
Alabama Cavalry Regiment, 03rd, Lenair's Cavalry Co. (F 24-25); SG024922
Alabama Cavalry Regiment, Co. I, Tomlinson's Cavalry Co. (F 42); SG024922
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 7th, Jenkins' Cavalry Co. (F 23); SG024922
Alabama Cavalry Regiment, 56th, Mobile Dragoons - Indep. Co. (F 32); SG024922
Cleveland's - Kirkpatrick's Cavalry Co. (F 4); Cottrill;s Scouts (F 5); SG024922
Confederate Cavalry Regiment, 15th, Dorrance Rangers (F 11); SG024922
Confederate Cavalry Regiment,08th, Co. A, Bowies Cavalry Co. (F - 2), SG024922
Confederate Regiment, 08th Co. B, Faulkner's Cavalry Co. (F 16-17); SG024922
Davenport's Cavalry Co. (F 9); Alabama Cavalry Regiment, 56th, DeBardeleben's Cavalry Co. (F 10); SG024922
Earle's Cavalry Co. (F 13); Mississippi Cavalry Regiment, 1st Co. H Fagg - Bowie's Co. (F 14); SG024922
Florida Cavalry Regiment, 03rd, Amos Mounted Men (F 1); SG024922
Alabama Cavalry Regiment, 04th, Huston's Cavalry Co. (F 20); Co. K Hubbard's Cavalry Co. (F 21-22); SG024922
Lewis's Squadron of Railroad Cavalry (F 26); Alabama Cavalry Battalion, 25th Mead's Cav. (F 27-28) SG024922
Meador's Cavalry Co. (F 29-230); Mobile City Troops, Alabama Militia Volunteers, Co. A (F 31) SG024922
Murrell's Cavalry Co. and Correspondence (F 34); Newsom's Cavalry Co. (F 35); SG024922
Prattville Dragoons (F 36); Shockley's Independent Escort Co. and Correspondence (F 37-38); SG024922
West's Cavalry Co. (F 43); Witherspoon;s Cavalry Co. (F 44) SG024922
Confederate Company History Infantry Files: Jeff Davis Legion (8-13) SG024923
Alabama Artillery Battery, Lumsden (F 1-5); Alabama Artillery Battery, Pelham (F 6-7); SG024917
Alabama Artillery Battery, Nelson (F 8); Alabama Artillery Battery, Selden-Lovelace (F 9-10); SG024917
Alabama Artillery Battery, Semple (F 11-14); Alabama Artillery Battalion, Sengstak (F 15) SG024917
Alabama State Artillery, Waddell's (F 19-20); Alabama State Artillery, Ward's (F 21); SG024917
Alabama State Artillery, Ward's-Cruse's (F 22); Washington Ligh Artillery (F 23) SG024917
Alabama State Artillery, Water's (F 26-28) SG024917
Richard's-Powell's Brigade (F-4), Rodes'-Gordon's Brigade (F-5), Rust's Brigade (F-5), SG024919
Slaugher's Brigade (F-7), Thomas' Brigade (F-9), Trabue - Hawse - Buford - Scott's Brigade (F-9), SG024919
Tracey - Garrett - Lee - Peltus' Brigade (F 10-11), Trapier's - Duncan - Manigault's Briadge (F 12), SG024919
Walker's Brigade (F 13), Wheeleer's Brigade (F 14-15), Wilcox Brigade (F 16), SG024919
Woods' - Lowery's Brigade (F 17), Zollicoffer - Carroll's Brigade (F 18) SG024919
01st, 12th 13th, 14th, 15th, 18th Battalion Partisan Rangers, SG024921
Confederate Battalion History Cavalry Files: 1st, 2nd, 4th Alabama Cavalry Battalion, SG024921
Davenport's, Gunter's, Hardie's, Hatch's, Cavalry Battalion - Alabama, SG024921
Hatch's, Julian's, Lewis' Cavalry Battalion - Alabama, Moreland's Cavalry Battalion, SG024921
Moreland's Cavalry Battalion - Alabama, Murphy's Independent Cavalry Battalion, SG024921
Musgrove's Cavalry Battalion - Alabama, Pickett's Cavalry Battalion, SG024921
Powell's Cavalry Battalion, Slaughter's Cavalry Battalion, Stewarts Cavalry Battalion, SG024921
Warren's, Wheeler's Cavalry, Wickliff's Battalion of Dismounted Cavalry, Williams' Cavalry Battalion SG024921
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 49th (Folders 1-2) Correspondence (F 2); SG024908
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 53rd, SG024908
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 54th, (Folders 8-10) Correspondence (F 10) SG024908
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 55th, (Folders 11-12) Correspondence (F 12) SG024908
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 57th, (Folders 13-15) Correspondence (F 15) SG024908
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 58th, (Folders 16-17) Correspondence (F 17) SG024908
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 45th, (Folders 1-3) Correspondence (F 2), SG024906
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 46th, (Folders 4-9) George E. Brewer History of the 46th (F 5-6), SG024906
George E. Brewer, Reminiscences (F 7), Correspondence (F 8), Michael L. Woods Diary (TTS) 1862 (F 9) SG024906
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 47th (Folders 1-6) J.Q. Burton History (11 Copies) (F 2), SG024907
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 48th (Folders 7-10) Hubert J. Thompson, The Civil War Correspondence of SG024907
Correspondence (F 10) SG024907
James B. Daniel, 1862-1865, 47th Co. H (M.S. Samford, 1980) (F 4), SG024907
John Dykes Taylor, History of The 48th (Dayton OH: Confederate, 1902) (F 7) SG024907
T.F. Botsford, A Sketch of Co. D (1909) Book, Photocopy, Page Proofs (F 3), Correspondence (F 6) SG024907
Alabama Cavalry Regiment, 11th; Alabama Cavalry Regiment, 12th SG024913
Alabama Cavalry Regiment, 9th (Folders 1-5); Alabama Cavalry Regiment, 10th (Folders 6-8) SG024913
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 33rd (Folders 5-15) L.B. Williams, A Sketch, 1862-1865 (1990) (F 5), SG024902
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 34th, Photocopy of William E. Preston, The Yellow Ribbon, Correspondence SG024902
Robert F. Crittendon, Account (F 14) SG024902
2nd Confederate Infantry Regiment (Folders 20-21) Correspondence (F 21) SG024909
3rd Confederate Infantry Regiment (Folder 22) Correspondence (F 22) SG024909
4th Confederate Infantry Regiment (Folders 23-24) Correspondence (F 24) SG024909
5th Confederate Infantry Regiment (Folders 25-27) Correspondence (F 27) SG024909
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 59th (Folders 1-2) SG024909
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 60th (Folders 3-6) Correspondence (F 3 and 6) SG024909
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 61st (Folders 7-8) Correspondence (F 7) SG024909
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 62nd (Folders 9-11) SG024909
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 63rd (Folders 12-14) Correspondence (F 13-14) SG024909
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 64th (Folders 15) Correspondence (F 15) SG024909
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 65th (Folders 16-17) Correspondence (F 17) SG024909
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 35th (Folders 6-10) Joseph N. Thompson, History (TS) (F 8), SG024903
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 36th SG024903
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 36th (Folders 11-13) SG024903
Correspondence (F 9), J.W. Harmon, A Narrative Co. B (F 10), Gene Cantrell (1996) (F 10), SG024903
James B. Mitchell, Letters, 1861-1863 (TS) (F 4), Correspondence (F 5), SG024903
Milton E. Henderson, History of Edmund Waller Henderson (n.d.) (F 11) SG024903
1st Confederate Infantry Battalion, 2nd Infantry Battalion, 3rd Senior Infantry Battalion, SG024920
21th Alabama Infantry Battalion, 23rd Alabama Infantry Battalion, Gracie's Alabama Special Infantry, SG024920
3rd Alabama Infantry Battalion, 4th Infantry Battalion, 4th Alabama Infantry Battalion, SG024920
4th Alabama Infantry Reserves, 5th Alabama Infantry Battalion, 6th Infantry Battalion, SG024920
6th Infantry Battalion, 6th Alabama Infantry Battalion, 7th Alabama Infantry Battalion, SG024920
8th Alabama Infantry Battalion, 9th Alabama Infantry Battalion, 15th Alabama Infantry Battalion, SG024920
Confederate Battalion History Files: 1st Alabama Infantry Battalion, 1st Alabama Reserve, SG024920
Freeman's Alabama Infantry Battalion, Powell's (Prisionguard) Battalion, SG024920
Hale's Alabama Infantry Battalion, Hardcastle's Alabama, Harris' Alabama, Lewis' Cavalry Battalion, SG024920
Lockhart's Alabama Infantry Battalion, Mobile Fire Battalion, Moreland's Sharpshooters Battalion, SG024920
Morrision's Alabama Infantry Battalion, Walthall's Battalion of Light - Duty Men SG024920
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 1st, Correspondence (From Director, etc.) SG024886
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 1st, sketches, newspaper clippings SG024886
History of the First Alabama Volunteer Infantry, C.S.A., Edward Young McMorries, Co. C. ater Co. G SG024886
Adjutant Inspector General Office Ninth (9th) Brigade Correspondence (F 8); SG024924
Alabama Cavalry Regiment, 56th (Folders 19-21) SG024914
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 51st (Mounted) aka Alabama Cavalry Regiment, 51st SG024914
Alabama Infantry Regiment, 53rd (Mounted) aka Alabama Cavalry Regiment, 53rd SG024914
Confederate Cavalry Regiment, 16th (Folders 23-24) SG024915
Confederate Cavalry Regiment, 1st (Folders 1-2); Confederate Cavalry Regiment, 3rd (Folders 3-5) SG024915
Confederate Cavalry Regiment, 7th (Folders 6-8) Mss Copy of Muster (F 6) SG024915
Confederate Cavalry Regiment, 8th (Folders 9-15); Confederate Cavalry Regiment, 10th (Folders 16-19) SG024915