Charles Allen Cary

Doctor of Veterinary Science

He devoted his life to improvement of the public health and agricultural wealth of Alabama by the introduction and enforcement of milk and meat inspection laws and by the eradication of cattle ticks and the control of diseases of domestic animals.

Alabama's debt to Charles Allen Cary may be measured in its abundant good health, due in part to his pioneer work in eradication of livestock diseases, establishing food inspection laws, and training veterinarians. Educated in his native state of Iowa and in Germany under some of Europe's leading scientists, he came to Alabama Polytechnic Institute (now Auburn University) in 1892 and spent the remainder of his life there.

Cary is best known for his fight to rid Alabama livestock of fever ticks. The battle was not only against the tick, but against the ignorance of men who would not accept scientific methods. He defeated the tick with dipping; ignorance he defeated with reason, or failing there, with court action. Brucellosis and tuberculosis testing were furthered by his research and practical applications. When farmers sought hog cholera serum at low prices, Cary used his influence to establish a plant at Auburn to make it. His Saturday clinics and summer institutes taught farmers about the prevention and treatment of diseases of animals. In 1896 he helped to establish at Montgomery the first meat inspection system in the United States, following that up with meat and milk inspection ordinances in all major Alabama cities. Through his efforts the first school of veterinary science in the South was established at Auburn and he served as dean of that school for 28 years.

As state veterinarian and a tireless worker in state and national organizations, Dr. Cary did more for Alabama livestock production and for the protection of the purity of food products than any other man of his time. His monument is the veterinary science building on the campus at Auburn that bears his name.

Elected 1957

Alabama Hall of Fame, 1968

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Created: 1/18/96