Alabama Academy of Honor

Elton Bryson Stephens

The following biographical sketch was compiled at the time of induction into the Academy in 1995.

Elton Bryson Stephens, one of this nation's well-known business leaders and philanthropists, was a native of Clio in Barbour County, Alabama. He was the son of James Nelson Stephens and Clara Stucky Stephens.

Mr. Stephens received his grammar and high school education in the schools of Barbour County and received a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Birmingham-Southern College, a law degree from the University of Alabama in 1936 and completed the Advanced Management Program at Harvard University in 1960. Through the years, Elton Bryson Stephens was a strong supporter of education at every level.

Mr. Stephens married Alys Varian Robinson (deceased) in 1935, and they had four children and thirteen grandchildren.

Elton Stephens was outstanding in his success in the areas of information and business services. His successes in these businesses had a national and international impact, in addition to bringing many benefits to his native state.

In addition to his keen interest in Birmingham-Southern college, his alma mater, he was the recipient of honorary degrees from The University of Alabama, Birmingham-Southern College and Faulkner University. His philanthropy filled needs at these institutions of higher learning.

This remarkable man, with heavy demands on his time, somehow managed to express enthusiasm for the days he enjoyed the activities of his college fraternity and in his maturity accepted a place of national leadership when called upon to do so.

Throughout his life and career, Mr. Stephens exemplified his value of family and civic duties. He firmly believed that those who give also receive.

Mr. Stephens' family continued to be foremost in his plans for the present and for the future. He was a firm believer in the unity of the family.

Mr. Stephens passed away on February 5, 2005.