General Job Information

ADAH is an equal opportunity employer and employs individuals who have met the minimum qualifications for employment as established by Alabama's State Personnel Department. To find out more about Alabama's Personnel Policies, please go to www.personnel.alabama.gov. To view a state job application go to http://www.personnel.alabama.gov/Downloads/StateApp.pdf. Individuals interested in working with the state must apply through the state personnel system. Please do not send job applications to the ADAH.







Current Vacancies

Electronic Records Project Archivist


Employment Registers:

The ADAH hires from the following state employment registers when positions are available.


For the latest information regarding pay ranges for all of the positions below - please go to



The following registers are continuous and applications are accepted at any time. The following registers are only opened when positions are available.

This is a continuous register and applications are accepted anytime.

Class Code 30430


Senior Archivist--register currently closed

Class Code 30435



Curator (General Option) -- Collections Curator

Class Code 30451 (Option 003)

Archivist Coordinator--register currently closed

Class Code 30436

Curator (Education/Interpretation Option) --Education Curator

Class Code 30451 (Option 358)

Senior Museum Curator

Class Code 30452

Cultural Resources Assistant--

Class Code 30405

Museum Curator Coordinator--register currently closed

Class Code 30453


Updated: July 27, 2016