Alabama Constitutional Officers



The State of Alabama derives its current structure and organization from the Constitution of Alabama of 1901 and its amendments. According to Article V of the Constitution, the Executive Department consists of the governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, state auditor, secretary of state, state treasurer, the commissioner of agriculture, the superintendent of education, and a sheriff for each county. Although Amendment No. 284 effectively removed the office of the superintendent from the Executive Department of state government, the superintendent of education currently is a member of the governor's cabinet.


Lists of persons who have served as:




Lieutenant Governor


Attorney General


State Auditor


Secretary of State


State Treasurer


Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries


County Sheriffs (List of sheriffs by county, 2007-2011)


Alabama State Directory




Code of Alabama, 1975 (1989 Supplement)

Alabama Department of Archives and History. Official and Statistical Register, 1979.



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