Historical Marker Refurbishing

Kathy Hamrick

Eufaula, AL



         Hamrick Marker Refurbishing uses a process very similar to that which produces the finish on a car, and should last.....a long, long time.

o   Sandblasting

o   Priming

o   Painting 2 To 3 Coats

o   Sealing With A UV Protective Clear Coat

o   Final Baking

         She welcomes markers from all over the state and beyond......no territorial limits.



o   Ca. $600 per marker (as of August 2012).  

o   Transportation costs incur an additional, negotiated fee based on distance from the facilities in Eufaula. 

          Required Lead Time

o   Longer is better

o   But she has "been able to complete them in 2 to 3 weeks, weather permitting."

o   Quick turn-around fee is negotiable.

         Hamrick Marker Refurbishing does not repair or replace marker posts.

         References available upon request.


The Alabama Historical Association provides this for information purposes only.

The AHA makes no endorsement or guarantee concerning this service.